Vertical K in Åre

Vertical K in Åre

July 2020

The Vertical K in Åre really gives you an adrenalin kick that will last for the rest of the day! Running and climbing over rocks, ladders and the slopes for an elevation of 1,022 metres in 5,3 kilometres is not easy but so fun! You can register to get an official time or just use your own watch.


The Vertical K starts at Åre torg in the middle of Åre by the Peak Performance shop and you can choose between running 500 K or 1,000 K. If you run 1,000 K you can also register for 500 K. 

Starting by the Peak Performance you then cross the square and run to the left of Bergbanan along an unpaved road for some fifty-hundred metres before the road turns left and you continue straight forward along a trail through the woods. The trail is pretty good signed with white signs where it says Vertical.

The first 500 K are the toughest. It is steep and involves some fun climbing along ropes. After registrating your time at 500 K you reach high mountain terrain with rocks to climb.

When you pass by the final station of the cabin lift it is not far left. Continue straight ahead and if you miss a sign, run back and look for it so you don´t go the wrong way. If you do, you will probably want to do the Vertical K again since at this race - time counts.

A goal for most experienced (and fast) runners is reaching the top in less than an hour. For most people it takes between 1-2 hours. The record for men is 40:24 minutes and for women 46:25. For us it took 58:57 (Johannes who is a very experienced runner) and 1:23:05 (Eva who is more of an average runner).

So, what did we think about the Vertical in Åre?

I (Eva) just loved it! Definately one of the funniest races I have ever done and I will definately do it again in Åre and in other places. Next time I will push myself harder knowing my own capacity and the trail better.

You find more information about the Vertical in Åre here including how to register to get an official time.

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