Jämtlandstriangeln Trail run

Springa Jämtlandstriangeln

July 2020

This trail of 47 kilometres with a total elevation of 1,160 metres has become more and more popular. It is easy to understand why. The trail runs through a beautiful and alternately environment and the starting point is within easy reach by car or bus/train. There are three mountain lodges along the way where you can have a snack or shelter if you need. The distance can easily be shortened to 40 kilometres if you like. Some people also run this trail in 3 days with stopovers at the mountain lodges.


Starting/Finishing point

Storulvån mountain lodge


47 kilometres


+1160/-1220 metres

Water on the way


Shoes to choose

Trail running shoes


The starting and finishing point for this trail is Storulvån mountain lodge about one hour drive west of the village Åre. There is a large parking by Storulvån that costs about 30 SEK/24 hours. 

From Storulvån you run either clockwise to Sylarna, Blåhammaren and then back to Storulvån or counterclockwise to Blåhammaren, Sylarna and Storulvån. The distance (47 kilometres) and total elevation (1,160 metres) is (of course) the same but the height profile of the trail is different.  

Most people seem to choose to run this trail clockwise. We chose to run it counterclockwise since we figured out at least two advantages with that.

One is that, by running counterclockwise, most of the ascent is done by the first stop at Blåhammaren which gives you a really nice descent almost all the way back to Storulvån.

Another one is that most people who walk this trail during three days walk clockwise. By walking counterclockwise you will be meeting these people and they will surely walk aside when they see you crazily running instead of walking. Coming from behind it might be difficult or at least feel a bit awkward to ask the people you need to pass to step aside.

The trail is pretty varied. Some parts are super easy, especially when there are footbridges, but for most part it is stony and quite wet. You will probably get wet feet but on the other hand you are probably used to that. We were, like always, careful in the beginning but after a while we just ran. You don´t need to bring any water since you pass streams all along the trail.

1: Storulvån to Blåhammaren

12 K   +490/-161 metres

The first part (12 K) to Blåhammaren is really lovely. After running through a birch forest you reach a delta-like area with sandbanks where you have to cross a stream (photo above right). From there the trail is upward along a stream that forms waterfalls and small pools. 

After a last ascent you reach Blåhammaren mountain lodge.

2: Blåhammaren to Sylarna

19 K   +460/-540 metres

The second part gives you a really nice descent for almost 16 kilometres in high mountain terrain. The last 3 kilometres to Sylarna go up, up, up. An option here is to skip running to Sylarna and instead continue straight to Storulvån since you are coming the same way back. That will give you a distance of 40 kilometres instead of 47.

3: Sylarna to Storulvån

16 K   +210/-520 metres

The last part passes by quickly with a long descent. This is where you will meet most people walking in direction Sylarna. It is also the easiest one to run with lots of footbridges across the wet areas.

When you finally reach the bridge on the photo below you do not have far left. A short ascent and then a descent back to Storulvån mountain lodge.

At Storulvån there is a really nice terrace so if the weather is nice, why not celebrate your finish of the Jämtlandstriangeln with a local beer before you leave?

So, what did we really think about running Jämtlandstriangeln?

We had a great deal of fun along the way crossing the streams and running fast (at least it felt that way) down along the footbridges. The environment is truly beautiful but yet totally different from the Alps or the Pyrenees since you are not surrounded by high mountains along the trail. Rather the landscape is "open" and you see really far. There are no trees except in the beginning and the very end by Storulvån.

As we were running this trail for the first time we really took our time and stopped for some juice at Blåhammaren and had a lunch stop half way between Blåhammaren and Sylarna and another break halfway between Sylarna and Storulvån. We also took a lot of photos and did some filming. It was a full day, 6,5 hours in total.

If you are an experienced runner you can easily shorten that a lot if you are used to trailrunning and only take short breaks. If you, on the other hand is more new into trailrunning long distances, you will probably need some more time. Remember that if you run in June, July or August, it does not get dark until late so you have plenty of time. An option is also to stay overnight at one or two mountain lodges, but then you need to carry more which makes it less fun...

The equipment is the usual when running longer trails in the mountains: a windjacket, first-aid kit, hat, gloves and some snacks. We actually skipped the compass and map since this trail is so well signed all along the way and the weather forecast was sun and no wind.

The day temperature was between 10 and 13 degrees celsius in July which was perfect! We wore shorts and a t-shirt.

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