Trail running



Trail running

If you like hiking and running then trail running is perfect. Nowadays we often "build" our trips around a running race. We think it brings a lot of added value to meet people sharing the same interest and you also get to see places you otherwise perhaps would not have visited. Below we share some of these experiences including how to apply, where to stay and how to get to the race.


Most trail running competitions offer half and full marathon. There are often some shorter distances of 5, 10 and 15 kilometres too. That´s great if you are a couple or friends travelling together and some want to run long distances while others prefer shorter ones.

In larger and more well known trail running competition there is also at least one ultra marathon distance. The classical distance is 100 kilometres or 100 miles but ultra can be shorter too. The definition of ultra is that it is longer than a marathon, that is 42 kilometres.

We plan to add a lot of trail runs (competitions as well as other great trail runs) on this page in the near future.

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