12-days roundtrip Florida



12 days´ round trip Florida

This round trip starts in Miami, followed by a few days in Key West. After sensing the carribean feeling of Key West you drive through Everglades. After checking out the alligators there you continue along the west coast to the amazing Ana Maria Island for a couple of beach days before you continue to St Petersburg for a stop at the second largest Salvador Dalí museum in the world. The end of the round trip is Orlando with a day at Universal Studios Florida and perhaps some shopping at one or more of the outlets before flying home.

When to go?

This is a perfect winter or spring holiday´s trip. In Summer time Miami is very hot and humid. In the autumn there is a risk of hurricanes.

Highlights on this trip

  • Vibrant Miami
  • Stunning nature scenery along the road along Florida Key Islands
  • Charming Key West 
  • Amazing Everglades
  • Lazy city days on Ana Maria Island
  • Fun at Universal Studios Florida
  • Art at the Salvador Dalí museum in St Petersburg
  • Passing acoss the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Summary: Itinerary

12 Days Florida round trip

Day 1:   Arrive in Miami

Day 2:  Miami 

Day 3:  Drive to Key Largo to swim with dolphins (1 hour)

              Continue to Key West (2 hours) 

Day 4-6:  Key West

Day 7:  Drive through Everglades and continue to Ana Maria Island

              (full day)

Day 8-9:  Ana Maria Island

Day 10: Drive across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge to visit the

               Salvador Dalí museum in St Petersburg and drive to Orlando

Day 11: Universal Studios Florida

Day 12: Leaving Florida 

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During spring 2020 we will add round trips and day hikes in Sweden (randonée in Sylarna), Spain (Mallorca, Andalucia and Tenerife) and Asia (Bali/Singapore and China).

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