Exploring San Fransisco



Exploring San Fransisco

Wow! This city is just as great as you imagined! The houses, the hills, the steep streets, the cable car, chinese town. Take a walk just strolling around the city, down to the seaside. Feel the city puls and enjoy!

What to do?

Going with the cable car is a must. It starts where the streets Powell and Market cross and end by the ocean close to Fisherman´s Wharf.

The queu to get on the cable car is long. A tip is therefore to go up along the street to the next stop. They always leave a few places left at the starting point in case there are people waiting on the second stop. This is since the locals are really using the cable cars for transportation. It is not only a tourist attraction. 

Tickets are sold on the internet and you need to buy them in advance at www.sfmta.com.


Biking around the San Fransisco Bay is a really nice thing to do and if you want to see more of the bay this is time well spent. For our 15 year old daughter this was the best thing we did on our round trip in California.

Starting in San Fransisco you head for the Golden Gate Bridge (there are bike lanes). After admiring the view of San Fransisco from the bridge you continue the 13 kilometers to the village Sausalito. There are some cafés and restaurants where you can have a coffee or lunch. From Sausalito you either bike further another 22 kilometers to Tiburon or you take the ferry, passing Alcatraz, back to San Fransisco. 

No matter if you end your bike trip in Sausalito or if you head on for Tiburon, a stop in the little village Mill Valley is nice. From there you can continue a few kilometers into Muir Woods and admire the really nice houses hidden among the trees. Lots of famous people live here like from IT-millionaires to actors.

"Biking along the San Fransisco Bay

is a really nice thing to do."

Fisherman´s Wharf is the favorite spot for many, but not for us. We found it a little bit too much but that depends on everyone´s taste and we guess one has to see it since it is so famous and you will probably pass it anyway. In case you do, visit the flagship location of the famous Boudin Bakery cafe and buy some sour dough bred. They have lovely breads in the differnt star signs.

Spend the morning hiking in Muir Woods close to the Atlantic Ocean and admire the Redwood trees. The park can get busy during the day so try to arrive early or late. The park is open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. during the period of May-September. 

Visit the the charming Japanese garden and have a cup of tea and then stroll through the Botanical garden. You find both of them in Golden Gate Park. The Japanes Garden has free admission hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday before 10:00. It opens at 9:00.

Walk from the city center through Chinese Town, climb up the stairs in the Coit Tower and admire the views of Bay Bridge, walk upward the Lombard Street and head off to Alamo Square to see the Painted Ladies (houses). Have a healthy vegetarian lunch at Green house restaurant by the waterfront.

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