21 Day California round trip



21 Days round trip California

This trip is a loop trip from Los Angeles along Highway 1 and Big Sur to San Fransisco. After visiting the fantastic Yosemite and perhaps hiking the Half Dome you continue to the amazing Death Valley. After visiting Las Vegas and Gran Canyon you continue to Los Angeles for lazy days on the beach.

Highlights on this trip

  • Stunning nature scenery
  • Beautiful Big Sur and Carmel
  • Lazy city days in San Fransisco
  • Fun in Las Vegas
  • Fantastic Yosemite
  • Amazing Death Valley
  • Flying to Grand Canyon South rim
  • Relaxing on the beach in Los Angeles
  • Hiking and biking

Summary: Itinerary

21 Days California round trip

Day 1: Arrive in Los Angeles

Day 2: Drive to Santa Barbara (2 hours)

Day 3: Relax in Santa Barbara

Day 4: Drive to Big Sur (4 hours)

Day 5: Hiking in Big Sur

Day 6: Drive to Carmel (1 hour)

Day 7: Drive to San Fransisco (2 hours)

Day 8-10: San Fransisco

Day 11: Drive to Yosemite (3 hours)

Day 12-14: Hiking in Yosemite

Day 15: Drive to Death Valley (6 hours)

Day 16: Sightseeing in Death Valley and drive to Las Vegas (2,5 hours)

Day 17: Fly to Grand Canyon South rim (half day)

Day 18: Drive to Los Angeles (4,5 hours)

Day 19-20: Los Angeles

Day 21: Leaving Los Angeles 

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During spring 2020 we will add round trips and day hikes in Sweden (randonée in Sylarna and Jämtlandstriangeln), Spain (Andalucia and Tenerife) and Asia (Bali/Singapore and China).

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