18 hours in Ålesund



18 hours in Ålesund

View of Ålesund from Aksla at 10 p.m.

Ålesund is a beautiful village by the Atlantic ocean with Art Noveau houses from the beginning of the 20th century. It is not a large village and you can easily cover most of the city in a couple of hours.

If you visit Geiranger, Atlanterhavsveien, Trollstigen or Romsdalen then Ålesund is about 2 hours away. It is the perfect place if you want a few hours in a city during a round trip. There are several nice hotels and restaurants in Ålesund.

In the evening, walk the short hike (30 minutes) up to the mountain Aksla just in time for the sunset around 10-11 p.m. in June and July. At the restaurant Fjellstua you have a great view of the city for 30 NOK. Another (free) option is to walk a little further up to Kniven which gives you more or less the same view.

A nice day trip is kayaking (guided tour 800 NOK) from the city center passing by the houses steeping right into the water like you were in Venice for a couple of hours.

How to get to Ålesund?

From Oslo and Bergen it is a 7 hours drive. From Trondheim a 5 hours drive. You can also go there by train to Otta from where you go by bus.

From Molde there is car ferry (30 minutes) across the beautiful Moldefjorden. After reaching the shore you have a 2 hours drive to Ålesund.

Where to stay in Ålesund?

Hotel Brosundet is a lovely 4-star boutique hotel with a perfect location and a great restaurant. At least if you have spent a few nights free camping it is money well spent to stay here. Family rooms available. It is also one of our favourite boutique hotels.

Where to eat in Ålesund?

There are several options for dinner in Ålesund, for example the fish restaurant XL Diner which is famous for its bacalao (klippfisk). Also, Hotel Brosundet has a lovely restaurant where you can sit outside by the water if the weather is nice.

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