Round trips



Round trips

Duval Street, Key West, Florida

Round trips are great if you want to experience a lot in a short (or long) period of time. But planning them can take a lot of time, especially if you don´t want to spend your whole round trip in a car and in different hotels.

We love what we call "mixed round trips", a mix of experiencing mountains, a city and a few days on the beach. We always try to find small and personal boutique hotels and add a great value in experiencing local food. That is what you find here.

We always pre-book hotels and often some restaurants that we want to visit. The reason is that when we are on vacation we want to relax and we have realized the best places are always booked first.

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During spring 2020 we will add round trips and day hikes in Sweden (randonée in Sylarna and Jämtlandstriangeln), Spain (Andalucia and Tenerife) and Asia (Bali/Singapore and China).

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