My bucket list

My bucket list

There are so many things I would love to experience with my family and friends. I have fulfilled a lot of my travel dreams on my bucket list like going skiing in Zermatt, a roundtrip in California, skiing with the view of a fjord in Norway and going to South Africa. Yet, there are still so many things left. Get inspired, share my dreams and fulfill your own!

My bucket list

1. Going by train, bike and boat along the Duoro river, Portugal

The city of Porto seems absolutely amazing and it is also the starting point for a trip along the beautiful Duoro river with wineyards on the slopes of the river. I would love to go there!

2. Safari in the Okavango delta, Botswana

Imagine being in this water wonderland and so close to Africa´s wilderness. Waking up in total serenity listening to the sounds of birds, elephants and hippos plunging in the water.

3. Skiing in Lyngen, Norway

From the pictures I have seen, skiing in Lyngen seems absolutely amazing! The stunning views of fjords and the Atlantic ocean after reaching the top of a mountain after a couple of hours skiing up a mountain seems like a must do thing. The only thing is that it is so expensive and after spending a fortune I would be devastated if it then would be raining for the whole week.

4. Adventures in Costa rica

Costa rica seems like the perfect place for adventures. Hiking around the Arenal volcano and in the Monteverde rainforest, seeing all the birds in Tortugero and surfing on one of the many lovely sandy beaches.

5. Road trip in Bavaria, Germany

I have been there before and even studied German in Murnau, but I would love to go back, driving along the Romantic road in Bavaria, visiting the small villages and hiking up the Zugspitze.

6. Hiking and bathing in onsens in Japan

Imagine hiking a day in a volcano landscape and then arriving a Ryokan, the traditional inn in Japan, having a bath in an onsen and then eating a sashimi tasting dinner. Could it be better?

7. Kayaking among icebergs

I would probably be terrified during the whole kayaking tour but kayaking surrounded by icebergs seems like the coolest (!) thing to do. And what if a whale shows up? It must a be totally stunning experience!

8. Run the Ultra Trail (35/65 kilometres)

in Cape Town, South Africa

I would love to go back to South Africa and I have found this amazing trail running competition in Cape Town: The Ultra Trail Cape Town. The longest distance is far too much for me (100 kilometres), and the second longest as well (65 kilometres), but perhaps the 35 could work out. The photos from the competition are absolutely stunning and it seems like the perfect way to see more of the nature around the Table mountain!

10. Spend a weekend in Cotswold, England

Strolling along villages with honey coloured houses with their rose gardens, hiking the rolling hills, having dinner in a pub? Yes, please!

Let´s start planning your next trip!