Alligators in Everglades

Alligators in Everglades

Driving along North 41 Tamiami Trail through Everglades Natioal park is a great adventure. The staff at the different visitors´ centres tell you all you want to know about the alligators and how the live.

The Tamiami Trail starts just south of downtown Miami and then ends 144 kilometres west in Naples on the west coast. 

Driving from Miami to the west coast passing through Everglades along the Tamiami Trail is a great thing to do and it is all for free.

You can do a couple of stops in the park to see the alligators and talk with the guides. We chose to do that and were really just fine with it. It was both interesting and fascinating!

You can also do a lot of other things like going for a round trip with kayak among the 10 000 islands, go with an airboat or on a few hours sightseeing in the park. 

If you stay overnight in Miami you can visit Everglades on a one-day trip.

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