Yosemite falls

Yosemite falls

Yosemite Falls Trail leads up to North America´s highest waterfall. It is an easy and well marked point to point hike but it surely takes some effort to walk the 800 metres up to the falls.


Starting/Finishing Point

Yosemite Visitors Centre


12 kilometers (6 kilometres oneway)

Length of Time

5-7 hours


+/- 823 meters



Water along the way


Shoes to choose

Trail running shoes work just fine


The hike to Yosemite falls

Starting at the Visitor´s centre you have about half a kilometre to the start of the hike. On your way there you pass by the lower Yosemite falls.

The start of the hike is well signed. The trail is easy to walk all the way up, but it is a 800 metres to walk upwards so you will for sure be tired. Do take breaks, especially if it is warm, and drink a lot of water.

You have lovely views of the Yosemite valley and Half Dome along the way.

Finally you reach a footbridge and then you are by Yosemite falls. If your timing of the year is perfect you may actually swim above the waterfall. We were there in the middle of July and by then it worked out really well. If there is too much water it is dangerous though. In the end of the summer the falls dry out.

Walking another kilometre you arrive to a viewing point of the valley and Half Dome.

Where to stay in Yosemite?

Ahwahnee is an iconic hotel and well worth a visit even if you choose not stay here. Take a look at the garden, the beautiful saloons and the exterior of this granite building. It is also one of our favourite hotels.

In Yosemite village you find a few other hotels and a camping. Be sure to book well in advance at least a year ahead.

Getting around in Yosemite

You are strongly adviced not to go with your own car around Yosemite Valley. If everyone did that it would be crowded in no time. There are shuttle buses to all the places you want to go from the hotels and the camping.

Where to eat in Yosemite?

Buy a sandwich of your choice in the Yosemite Center for lunch on your hike. For dinner you have two restaurants at the Ahwahnee hotel, the grand room and a simpler but really nice cafe/restaurant. You can also buy a pizza or a salad at the pizzeria close to the Visitors Center.

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