Amazing Death Valley

Amazing Death Valley

Death Valley is the land of extremes. It is warm, in Summer often above 40 degrees Celsius, you have the lowest spot below sea-level in North America - Badwater Basin and sudden rain storms may surprise you even in summer time. You will have no problem finding the spots below, they are very well signed.


If you are arriving from road 395 passing by Lone Pine your first stop should be Stovepipe Wells, an endless desert of sand.

From there you are close to Furnace Creek, the "center" of Death Valley. In Furnace Creek you also find the only hotel open in Death Valley during summer time.

During our visit in the middle of July it actually rained in Death Valley. Happens more or less never. We did not mind at all. Temperature went down to some 25 degrees Celsius and we could actually walk around in the desert.

A perfect day in Death Valley


1. Artists Road

2. Artists Palette

3. Devil´s Golf Course

4. Natural Bridge

5. Lunch in Furnace Creek

6. Zabriskie Point

7. Dante´s Peak


There is a lot to see within a short distance from Furnace Creek. From Furnace Creek, follow Badwater Road 9 kilometers and turn left to Artists Road. This is a scenic 15-minutes loop drive of about 14,5 kilometers passes by the Artists Palette. Back on Badwater Road turn right to Devil´s Golf Course after a few kilometers.

Then admire the Natural Bridge along the way before you head on to Badwater, 86 metres below sea-level, a lake of salt flats. You can walk out on the lake if you like.

Turn back to Furnace Creek for a short lunch break before you head on to Highway 190 to Las Vegas. Stop after around 8 kilometers at Zabriskie Point, golden colored badlands. 

Continue 10 kilometers and then turn right on Dantes View Road. Follow the road upwards for another 21 kilometers to Dante´s Peak at 1,500 metres which provides you a scenic view of Death Valley from above.

If you are continuing to Las Vegas you can just head on from Dante´s Peak. It is on the way to Las Vegas.

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