Hiking to Trollsjön is a perfect day hike if you travel along the E10 west of Kiruna. The hike is an easy one that windles upwards passing by beautiful meadows to a valley - Kärkevagge - with large rocks. Continuing you finally reaches the Trollsjön or Rissájávri as it is called in Sami. It is a perfect hike for kids from about 5 years old. 


Starting/Finishing point

25 kilometres west of the little village Abisko along the E10


12 kilometres there and back

Length of time

5-8 hours


+/- 400 metres



Water along the way

Yes, in Trollsjön

Shoes to choose

Trail running shoes or hiking boots


The hike to Trollsjön

The first part of the hike is through birch trees up to Låktajåkko, a train station. You cross the railroad and then the path continues on the back of the station house.

As you follow the trail that windles up through the terrain the landscape changes. At first the trail passes through a birch forest but then as you reach higher altitudes there are less vegetation.

After about one hour you reach a large meadow with lovely views of Torne träsk and the mountains on the other side of the lake. It is like a fairytale!

Walking a little further you are rewarded with views of Kärkevagge with large rocks spread all over the valley, a result of the inland ice. 

After a final, rather steep, ascent you finally reach Trollsjön surrounded by steep mountains.

Even if  you arrive in July there is a good chance there will still be snow on the lake.

Ready for a swim?

Walking back you have a nice descent all the way back to the road E10 with lovely views of the lake of Torneträsk right ahead of you.

How to get to Trollsjön?

If you travel from Kiruna to Lofoten you will pass by the start of this lovely hike after about 1,5 hours along E10. Passing by Abisko you have another 25 kilometres to Låktajokk. If you arrive in Vassijaure you have driven to far.

There is no large parking here but small free parkings on both sides of the road. Arriving from Kiruna and Abisko the hike starts on the left hand side of the road. It is just a small path but you will surely find it. There are two signs there "Trollsjön" and "Kärkevagge". 

On a sunny day you will see several cars parked along the way.

Where to stay?

There is simple lodging in Abisko, the village, and also at Abisko turiststation. If you go here in summer time pre-booking is necessary since Abisko turiststation is the starting point for a 5-days rather famous hiking trail to Kebnekajse, the highest mountain in Sweden.

Abisko turiststation offers from 2-bedrooms to apartments. The restaurant serves great local food in the evening. We tried lunch one day and unfortunately it was not good at all, but it might have been just bad luck.

You can also freecamp by the lake or along the way. Read more about freecamping in Sweden here.

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