Söderåsen national park

Söderåsens nationalpark

Västra Skånes pärla

February 2021

The first time I came to Söderåsens national park an hour east of Helsingborg I was totally surprised! The landscape surrounding Söderåsen is quite flat but suddenly we ended up in this mountaineous landscape with lots of trees and small streams. It was like being dropped in a fairytale. 

Söderåsen wasn´t a national park until 2001 but has always been a popular destination in the area. It is located 45 minutes or 50 kilometres east of Helsingborg and 65 kilometres north of Malmö.

To enter the park you choose between two entrances, the main entrance (Skäralid) and the south entrance (Röstånga).

No matter which entrance you choose you will find information about different hiking routes. As a first time visitor it is probably a better choice to start at the main entrance Skäralid. From there you reach the canyon Skäralid which brings spectacular views no matter what time of year you visit. There are also more hiking routes to choose from if you start here.

Hiking routes from Skäralid:



4,0 km, 90 minutes


7,7 km, 180 minutes


7,2 km, 120 minutes


We chose to walk along Hjortsprångsrundan which took us along Skäralidsdalen surrounded by high rocks and passing by streams to Kopparhatten with views of the 90 metres deep Skäralidsdalen. It is quite a streneous hike since the 90 metres ascent to Kopparhatten is pretty steep.

You can also choose to combine the hikes Hjortsprångsrundan and Kopparhattsrundan if you want a longer hike. For a really short hike it is beautiful to walk around the little lake by the entrance, the Skärdammen. It is about 900 metres and is also for wheelchairs.

It is also possible to bike here, but then you should choose to arrive by a smaller entrance located west in the park. The Skäralidsdalen is more or less hopeless to bike. Besides a lot of people walking there it is quite a challenge to cross all the stones. It is also probably pretty nice to run here but quite technical with lots of stony passages and steep ascents and descents.

As you can see from the pictures we went to Söderåsen in the autumn, late October. It is definately an all-year-round destination and I would love to go there on a rainy day in the spring or summer with clouds hanging low in the valley.

There is a restaurant by the entrance at Skäralid but probably the best thing is to bring your own picnic.

The easiest way to get here is by car but you can also go by bus from Helsingborg. For more information about the park, visit the website of Söderåsen.

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