Randonée in Abisko

Randonée in Abisko

Follow us on our 3-days´ randonee trip far up in the north of Sweden the last weekend in April. We go there by train overnight, go skiing for 3 days and enjoy a great dinner every night.


We have come to love randonée! It is the perfect combination if you like both downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. After having done down-hill and cross-country skiing since we were kids we realized randonée was our thing. The feeling of walking upwards, having a picknick lunch and then going down in untouched snow is like nothing else.

Svenska Turistföreningen (STF) arranges guided randonée tours and courses that are perfect if you want to start going on randonée tours, if you feel insecure about the terrain or simply is not yet ready to go on your own.

There are guided tours for more advanced skiers that have done randonée before as well as beinners courses. The prerequisites for the last one are that you shall be able to go down a red pist and be in a enough physical condition to be able to do a 500-800 metres ascent each day.

We went by train from Stockholm to Abisko Turiststation far up in the north of Sweden for a three-days randonée trip during the last weekend in April.

How to get to Abisko?

One lovely thing about Abisko is that is a nice trip by train overnight all the way from Stockholm. Leaving Stockholm at 6 p.m. you arrive in Abisko around 11 a.m. the next day. That leaves you enough time for dinner, a good nights sleep on the train and breakfast.

Going by train you can choose between a 6-bed cabin and a 3-bed cabin. The 3-bed cabin can also be reserved for 2 people. The main difference between the two is that the 3-bed is more expensive (surprise!) but it also has a higher level of bed comfort with thicker mattresses, access to showers and it is more quiet since there is less people and better noise reduction between the cabins. So in the end it is a matter of money and comfort.

"Leaving Stockholm at 6 p.m. you arrive

in Abisko around 11 a.m. the next day."

The train restaurant is, unfortunately, not so good so do not expect having a great dinner. The best you can get probably is shrimp sandwich for about 150 SEK. The breakfast is alright with some bread, youghurt and ready-made sandwiches. An option is to buy a nice dinner at the station in Stockholm before leaving and eat it in your cabin.

Where to stay in Abisko?

The randonée package includes a three nights´ stay with full board, tranportation and guide for 660 Euros.

You stay in a double room in an apartment and you can upgrade if you prefer to stay at the hotel.

The package includes a three course lovely dinner each night with local food, a great breakfast and a picknick lunch. Besides that the package includes a guide (max 8 people) and transportation to the starting point chosen by the guide for each day´s randonée tour.

"The randonée package includes a three night stay with

full board, transportation and guide for 660 Euros."

Ski and avalanche equipment are not included. It is available for rent at the Abisko turiststation. Renting skiis, boots and avalanche equipment will cost you about 200 Euros for three days.

Safety check

On your first day you will learn how to handle the ski and avalanche equipment. This is of course essential in case there would be an avalanche.

Everyday´s randonée tour is carefully chosen by the guide since the conditions varies from day to day and you get instructions if there is need for extra safety precautions in any place.

Time for randonée!

Abisko is very close to the Norwegian border so you will probably ski in both Norway and Sweden.

The mountains in this area are about 1,500 metres high. Since you do not start at sea level the ascent is about 500-800 metres. That will take you from 2-4 hours depending on your physics.

The guide adapts the pace after the level of the group. The group can also be divided into two if some want to do the ascent in a slower or faster pace. 

Reaching the summit after 3-hours is truly rewarding! The views of the surrounding mountains and fjords are amazing.

Then going down again will take you around 30 minutes.

During our three days we reached the top of Spanstind and a mountain close to the border Sweden/Norway that we don´t remember the name of. We also climbed Ahkka in Sweden. 

Since one of my dreams has been to ski with the view of a fjord I was so happy for the most beautiful day on Spanstind.

On top of Spanstind

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