Night train through Sweden

Train to Narvik passing by Låkktatjåkko station 

Night train through Sweden

Since Sweden is a very elongated country it is perfect to go by night train to the mountain areas far up in the north. It is also very relaxing. From Stockholm Central station there are daily direct trains and you can also go all the way from Gothenburg or Malmö.

Stockholm Central station

Arctic Circle Train


If you are in Stockholm there are direct trains to Narvik in Norway in the northern part of Sweden. On your trip you will pass by villages far up in the north like Kiruna, Abisko, Björkliden and Riksgränsen.

The train departures from Stockholm in the evening around 6 p.m. and you arrive in for example Abisko at 11 a.m. in the morning. That gives you well enough time for dinner, a good night´s sleep  and a long breakfast in the morning.

To get to Narvik you have another hour on the train from Abisko. The small villages of Abisko, Björkliden and Riksgränsen are very close to each other.


If your destination is Åre or Duved in Jämtland the train ride is shorter and the train departures around 9 p.m. or 11 p.m. from Stockholm and arrives in Åre/Duved around 8 a.m.

You can either eat before boarding the train or on the train and you have enough time for breakfast before you are in Duved.

How to spend a night on the train?

Second Class Cabin

The trains to the north have cabins in different price classes with 1, 2, 3 and 6 beds. There are also seats in open wagons that are a lot cheaper.

A bed in a cabin might seem expensive but you save one night´s stay in a hut, hostel or hotel. Also, if your other option is driving by car during daytime you save one day´s vacation if you choose to go by train overnight.

Second class 6 bed cabin

If you choose to go in a cabin the cheapest option is a cabin with 6 beds. Depending on how many you are you will share the cabin with others. There are cabins for ladies, men and mixed. You make the bed by yourself (sheets model travel sheets are provided) and you have access to toilet and sink in the corridor.

If you have some equipment or large bags, there are special sections for that in the corridor. The luggage is unattended and you cannot lock the door to the cabin.

The price for one bed is about 100 Euros oneway. There are some discounts for kids.

You can also reserve the whole 6-bed cabin for yourself. That is a really good option if you are for example a company of 4. Then you do not risk that someone might wake you up because they are getting off the train in the middle of the night. You also have more space for your luggage in the cabin.

Breakfast box in train restaurant, 6 Euros

Second class 3 bed cabin 

The cabins with 3 beds have some spaces for luggage inside the cabin and you are also able to lock the cabin if you leave. The 3-bed cabin can also be reserved for 2 people.

A 3-bed cabin is more expensive than the 6-bed cabin but it also brings a higher level of comfort.

The mattrasses are thicker, the beds come with a complete set of sheets and a towel. You have a sink in the cabin and access to showers in the corridor. It is also a lot more silent since there are less people and the noice reduction between the cabins and the corridor is better.

So, in the end it is all about money and the level of comfort you choose. The price is about 150 Euros per person oneway.

First class cabin

First Class Cabin

First class comes with shower, sink and toilet

The third option is first class with 1 or 2 beds. These are sometimes really affordable compared to the 2nd class if you want to reserve a cabin with 2 beds anyway.

First class cabins come with a complete set of sheets and towel, their own toilet, sink and shower. The price is about 200 Euros per person oneway.

Breakfast and access to the lounge at Stockholm Central where you also can have a simple dinner is included.

Lounge Stockholm Central Station

Dinner in the lounge

What to eat on the night train?

The train restaurant offers a very limited menu. It is really nice to sit there and the best option probably is a shrimp sandwich in the evening for about 15 Euros.

Another option is to buy food at the train station before leaving and bring it with you on the train. You are then not allowed to sit in the restaurant.

In the morning there are breakfast boxes for 6 Euros including coffee, youghurt, sandwich, granola and juice.

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