July 2020


Starting/Finishing point

Storulvån mountain lodge


12-19 kilometres a day

Total distance

47 kilometres

Length of time

4-8 hours a day


+/-1200 metres



Water on the way


Shoes to choose

Trail running shoes or hiking boots


Storulvån mountain lodge

About hiking Jämtlandstriangeln

Most people do this hike in 3 days. The total distance is 47 kilometres and the trail is very well marked all the way. Nevertheless you shall always bring map and compass since the weather might change quickly from sunshine to fog.

As this is an area with reindeers the chance you will see some is big. Nevertheless, keep the distance since this is the home of the reindeers.

Most people do this hike clockwise, from Storulvån to Sylarna, continue to Blåhammaren and then finally back to Storulvån. One reason for walking clockwise this is that going in the other direction gives you a rather steep ascent from Storulvån to Blåhammaren.

Another reason is that it might be nice to have a shorter distance on your last day, especially if you are leaving the area in the afternoon/evening. Finally, walking from Storulvån to Sylarna gives you a stunning view of the Sylarna mountain ridge almost all along the way unless it is rainy or foggy.


Day 1 

Storulvån to Sylarna

16 km, +520/-210 metres

5-6 hours

Day 2 

Sylarna to Blåhammaren

19 km, +540/-460 metres 

6-7 hours

Day 3

Blåhammaren to Storulvån

12 km, +161/-490 metres

3-5 hours


Storulvån mountain lodge

Before leaving Storulvån it is a custom to weigh the backpack. If you plan to stay and eat at the mountain lodges you should really be able to keep the weight down. A kilo more or less might seem like a small thing when you start walking but after a few kilometres you will surely be aware of every kilo that you are carrying on your back. You can rent a locker at Storulvån mountain lodge if you want to leave some stuff behind during your 3 days´ hike.

Depending on your needs you should be able to keep the weight at about 8 kilos or less if you stay at mountain lodges. Our goal is to keep it at 3 kilos for multiday hikes when we stay at lodges. Some things can´t be missed out like a map, compass, hygiene articles, rain cover for you and your backpack, warm sweater/jacket, gloves, hat, another pair of socks and lunch pack. If you are two or more people going toghether - perhaps you can share toothpaste and soap? You don´t need to bring water on this hike since you will be passing plenty of streams with fresh water along the way where you can fill your water bottle. 

A tip is to pack all the (super) necessary things first and then think twice for every other item you consider adding. Do you really, really need a third sweater, a pair of jeans or whatever you consider "nice to have"? The atmosphere at the mountain lodges is very relaxed and perhaps you could summarize the dress code as "I have taken a shower before dinner". That´s it! A good thing, however, could be to keep a shirt for your last day of hiking and wear it in the evenings at dinner the days before. 

If you plan to camp, then packing it is a totally different and much more complex story. Then you also need to pack a tent, sleeping bag, food, and so on. For 3 days of hiking our backpacks usually end up weighing some 15 kilos each since we are also carrying all the food with us. We are really trying to get down to 10 kilos each. Next time!

Check out our ultimate packing lists for camping and staying at lodges here.

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Day 1: Storulvån to Sylarna

The 16 kilometres from Storulvån to Sylarna starts with an ascent through a birch forest for about 30 minutes until you reach high mountain terrain including crossing a bridge across Lill-Ulvån. 

Some parts of the trail might be wet after the snow has melted. At most such places there are footbridges.

On your hike from Storulvån to Sylarna you will catch a first glimpse of Sylarna mountain lodge from a far distance unless it is foggy or rainy. Halfway between the lodges there is a rescue house where it is popular to stay for lunch.

After walking 13 kilometres you will be crossing a bridge and then you have a 3 kilometres ascent to Sylarna mountain lodge. Since you are probably tired by now it might feel quite streneous but keep up! You are almost there!

At Sylarna mountain lodge there is a sauna, restaurant, bar and a small shop. There is also a room to dry up wet clothes and shoes. Outside the restaurant is a large terrace with views of the Sylarna mountain ridge perfect for some snacks and a beer. It never tastes as good as after a day in the mountains, especially with this view.

An option is to stay at Sylarna for an extra night for a day hike to for example Storsylen in Norway or, if you are not afraid of heights, Templet.

Sylarna is a really nice place to hang out at. The lodge was renovated a few years ago so it is really up to date but they have managed to keep the charming atmosphere. You find more information about Sylarna mountain lodge here

Day 2: Sylarna to Blåhammaren

This is the longest hike during these 3 days, 19 kilometres, perhaps also the most beautiful. The trail windles through a stunning landscape and you have several opportunities for a swim in the (cold) streams. 

Approaching Blåhammaren you have a rather tough ascent, especially if you are a bit tired by now. The reward is a superb dinner, which is not to be missed. Having dinner at Blåhammaren is well worth it also for those that are free camping. Blåhammaren is famous for the food and the atmosphere is very charming and genuine. Pree-booking is necessary.

Blåhammaren is the highest situated mountain lodge in Sweden at 1,086 metres. There is a sauna overlooking the mountains, a small shop, a café and a restaurant. You find more information about Blåhammaren here.

Day 3: Blåhammaren to Storulvån

This is an easy 12 kilometres hike with hardly any ascents. After a few kilometres there is instead quite a steep descent following a rushing stream where you can take a swim in the lagoon shaped ledges. It is lovely but surely cold!

You then reach a delta-like area with lovely sand banks to take a rest on. This is where Stor-Ulvån runs through.

On your left hand side the mountain Getryggen rises. Walking through birch tree forest you then are finally back at Storulvån,  your starting point, again.

Stor-Ulvån delta with its´ sand banks

For more information (or information in Swedish) about this beautiful and easily accessible hike check out Svenska Turistföreningens website.

How to get to Storulvån mountain hut?

Driving along E14 you turn left following the sign to Handöl Storulvån if you are arriving from Åre (right if you are arriving from Trondheim). You then turn right following the sign to Storulvån. Thereafter simply follow the road until it ends by Storulvån mountain hut. There is a large parking (30 SEK/24 hours) outside.

Storulvån is also easily reached by train from Stockholm and Trondheim. In that case  your final destination is Duved. Arriving in Duved there are connecting buses to Storulvån.

Where to stay and eat along Jämtlandstriangeln?

If you are new into hiking or prefer a more comfortable hike then staying at the mountain lodges with full board is a really nice option. There are several price classes ranging from rooms with 2 beds to 20 in sleeping dorms. The cost for 2 people staying in a private room including full board is about 2,500 SEK a night. That includes a 2 course dinner, lunch pack and breakfast buffet. 

If you prefer staying a bit off the beaten track or simply feel a bit more adventurous, camping is an option. It is a bit more streneous especially if it is raining but with good equipment any weather will do. You can choose between camping close to the mountain lodges with access to the showers, sauna and drying room. That comes with a fee for about 200 SEK a person. 

You can also choose to free camp a little off. Anyway you always have the option to visit the restaurant, bar and shop at the mountain lodge if you like.

There are plenty of camping spots close to Storulvån mountain lodge. Walking for about 2 kilometres along the trail to Sylarna there are some lovely free camping spots by the river Lill-Ulvån.

On your way to Sylarna there are are some wildcamping spots 3 kilometres before Sylarna mountain lodge by the river right by a bridge. This is a great camping spot since you can raise the tent and leave the backpack here and then take a relaxing afternoon walk to Sylarna moountain lodge for a beer and some snacks if you like. Before rising your tent here however, check out if there are mosquitos. On our first hike here there were no mosquitos at all, but on our second visit we could not even stay for a coffee break. 

Around Sylarna mountain lodge there are lots and lots of camping spots both before and after the lodge.

Finally, on your way to Blåhammaren there are some camping opportunities right before arriving at Blåhammaren and some afterwards. There is not plenty of water supply up here so you might have to fill water at the mountain lodge.

Besides being popular for hiking this area is also a winter destination for randonée and ski touring. You can actually do Jämtlandstriangeln in winter on skis from February to April. Randonée is possible both in Storulvån and in Sylarna. To get to Sylarna in winter you go by a tracked vehicle.

Finally, this trail is also perfect and thus popular for trail running in a day or two. 

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