Gårdsbutiker i Skåne

Gårdsbutiker i Skåne

Farmers´ shops in Skåne

February 2021

No matter where in Skåne you go you find farmers´shops, or gårdsbutiker in Swedish. Here you can buy locally grown vegetables, fruit, meat, balsamico, apple juice, cheese and so on. The farmers´shops are often located in a lovely setting with picturesque houses typical for the region. You can often have lunch or a cup of coffée there as well.

We have sofar only visited a few of the farmers´ shops in Skåne but we for sure plan to visit a lot more in the future. For a more or less complete list of famers´ shops in Skåne check out thewebsite Gårdsbutiker with links.

Kiviks Musteri

In Österlen you find Kiviks Musteri founded in 1888 when the first apple trees were planted. It is today one of the most popular destinations to visit and besides having lunch here at the restaurant Kärnhuset you can buy apple juice (must), cider and lemonade. We simply love their apple wine called Varm och kall (Hot and cold), which is spiced apple juice with a touch of alcohol that you can drink hot or cold.

If you are on your way to Stenshuvud National park you can also buy picnic here.

Svabesholms kungsgård

This farmer´s shop is actually not on the list Gårdsbutiker above so you might consider it a hidden gem. Besides cheese, meat, spices, balsamico you can buy plants and decorations in the different shops at Svabesholms kungsgård. There is also a restaurant and an English garden. The location is perfect if you are planning to visit Stenshuvuds nationalpark since you pass here on your way there.

If you want to stay for longer this is also a B&B.

Olof Viktors

This place is in the southern part of Skåne, close to Ystad. It is not on the list of Gårdsbutiker but yet a very popular weekend destination. The place is famous for its bread but you can also buy different kinds of spices, balsamico, juices and so on. 

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