Biking and walking along Edsviken

Biking and walking along Edsviken

Cykla och vandra runt Edsviken

Edsviken is a beautiful elongated bay some 15 minutes north of Stockholm city thatreally gives you the wibes of the archipelago. Walking and biking around the bay you will pass by two castles, several meadows with grazing horses , seaside villas and lots of cliffs and small sandy beaches that are just perfect for a picnic or a swim.



Starting/Finishing point

Danderyds sjukhus,

subway station

(You can actually start anywhere along the bay but the description below follows the route from Danderyds sjukhus)


Walking: 21 kilometres

Biking: 23 kilometres

Length of time

Walking: 4-6 hours

Biking: 1-2 hours


250 metres



Water along the way

Yes, at restaurants and cafés

Shoes to choose

Running shoes


How to get to Edsviken?

If you arrive by car you can park almost anywhere along the way. There are several parking lots by for example the small marinas around the bay. You can also park by Edsberg´s and Ulriksdal´s castle.

The path is not signed, but easy to follow most of the way. In some places the path splits in two and it might be difficult to know which one is the right one. If you end up choosing the wrong one, don´t worry! It will only take you a few metres to realize you are in a blind alley and you can easily walk back and take the other path.

If you go by bike, be aware of that the path around the bay is not for racing since there are people walking here. You have to pay attention along the way and adjust your speed.

Also, some parts are a bit difficult with roots, steep parts and short staircases where you might have to walk with or lift your bike. There is always the option to go along some road instead, but then you miss some of the really nice parts of the hike.

Finding the start of the hike is often the most difficult part. Here you can choose between lots of different starting points.

We started at Danderyds sjukhus (a hospital) where there is a subway station about 10-15 minutes from T-centralen in Stockholm city. From the station it is only some 5 minutes walk (450 metres) to Edsviken and the start of the hike. You can also get off the subway in Bergshamra, the station before Danderyds sjukhus. You then have to walk a little further but it is not far, some 10-15 minutes.

Starting at Danderyds sjukhus, don´t enter the hospital but take road Entrévägen (photo above left) that passes by the main entrance and the subway entry. Then turn right on Ryggradsvägen (photo above right). From there you will see the blue water of Edsviken ahead of you.

Arriving at Edsviken you just follow the path along the water. The description below is clockwise from here so turn left along the water (number 2 on the map above).

The first kilometres take you across small wooden bridges close to the treetops, along small gravelled paths and cliffs with beautiful views of the sea.

There are two tricky parts along this hike where it is a bit difficult to find the right way. The first one is after 1,5 kilometres, right after you pass under a bridge where the subway passes. Having passed under the first bridge you see a second bridge in front of/ above you. You will have to cross this bridge to get to the other side of the bay.

As the path divides in two, take the right one along the water (photo below left). After some 20-30 metres there is a small path to the left. Turn left and walk up the short wooden staircase (photo below right). If you go by bike, choose the left road instead to skip the staircase.

Reaching the top of the stairs you see some yellow/white houses on your right hand side (photo below left) and after some 200 metres there is a short tunnel on your right hand side passing under the houses (photo below middle). Pass through the tunnel and then turn right on the biking and walking lines (photo below right) that will take you across the bridge to the other side.

The bridge is 350 metres giving you a great view of the inlet of Edsviken. On a nice sunny day there are lots of boats passing under the bridge to and from Edsviken and the archipelago of Stockholm.

Having passed the bridge across Stocksund you are in an area called Bergshamra. If you walk you turn 360 degrees right just as you walk off the bridge (photo below left). This is a very small and unofficial path (photo below right) taking you down to the path below the bridge. The path is a bit slippery, so take your time and pay attention.

If you go by bike or choose not to walk down the steep path you walk a few extra kilometres following the biking and walking lanes through Bergshamra by the road until you reach the sign Ulriksdals slott to the right.

From Bergshamra you can also do a really nice detour of 2-3 kilometres to Bockholmen where you find a café and restaurant with a lovely setting in the archipelago. 

From the bridge across Stocksund you have a 2 kilometres lovely walk along the water with several swimming and picnic opportunities.

Arriving in the area of Ulriksdal´s castle you will first see the yellow castle. On your way forward you pass by meadows with grazing horses and some private and lovely decorated wooden villas. They were built as summer houses during the 19th century by more wealthy people from Stockholm and friends of the royal family.

After crossing a bridge you reach the gates of the castle. Ulriksdals castle is from 1645 and was designed by Nicodemus Tessin, a famous Swedish architect. The castle is open to the public May-October.

There is a lovely café in the park and big grass lanes where you can have a picnic. There is also a large orangery which is open to the public. It is huge so you will see it the moment you enter the gates to the area. Right by the orangery is a café serving coffée, cakes, sandwiches, soup. It is simply lovely to sit outside in the shadows under the trees in the garden.

In the northern part of the large garden of the castle you find Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal. Here you can by high quality plants and there is also a garden café. Slottsträdgården has been owned by the family Rappne since the 1950s.

Passing the castle you walk through the gates on the other side. From here the path runs along the water for 4 kilometres passing through woods, by meadows and along cliffs.

After a total of 8 kilometres from the start at Danderyds sjukhus you walk away from the water along a steep path ending in a detached area with beautiful villas.

From there you have some 2 kilometres walking along small streets (Gösta Tamms väg, Ulvsätersvägen, Ringvägen, Skansvägen, Strandvägen). It might seem confusing with all the different streets but you basically walk north all the way with the water at a distance on your right hand side.

Strandvägen finally, takes you back to Edsviken. From here you also get the first glimpse of Edsberg´s castle from 1760. The castle is not open to the public. East of the castle you also see Stallbacken from a far distance on top of a hill. Stallbacken today is a café.

Passing by the castle and below Stallbacken you reach a road with bike and walking lanes. It takes you by Landsnora kvarn (mill) and pass some newly built houses and Bergendahl´s conference hotel.

After 1,5-2 kilometres turn right by the sign to Bergendahl (photo below left) and follow the road until you see a gravel path to your right passing by high hedges (photo below right).

From now it is easy to follow the path along the water all the way back to the starting point at Danderyds sjukhus.

On your way on this side of the bay you will cross wooden bridges, cliffs from where it is great to take a swim, small sandy beaches and Kevinge golf course.

Just before you reach Danderyds sjukhus (photo below left) you pass by Kevinge gård where there is a small café open on Sundays between 11-16.

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