Åreskutan in Åre

Åreskutan 1,420 metres


Åre is a lovely village about 8 hours north of Stockholm and 2 hours from Trondheim in Norway. You will find lots of nice restaurants and hotels in the village besides great slopes for skiing and trails for hiking. Hiking from the village square to the summit of Åreskutan is a classic hike and it is one of our favourites. We do it every time we pass by Åre.


Starting/Finishing point

The main square in Åre village


6 kilometres one-way

Length of time

3-4 hours one-way


1,022 metres



Water along the way


Shoes to choose

Trail running shoes or hiking boots


The hike to Åreskutan

There are several options to hike to the summit of Åreskutan. Our favorite is route 215 called Östra leden (Eastern route) up. 

A popular option is taking the cabin to the top station and then hike 2 kilometres to the summit. From there you can choose to walk Östra leden (215) back down or follow the ski slopes. We did that hike with our kids when they were 10 and 12 years old.

You can also choose to walk up and then take the lift down for free. Many hikers actually prefer walking up over walking down. It gives you a better view and it is also less streneous for your knees.

Östra leden (215) starts at the main square in Åre in front of Bergbanan. Walk along the unpaved road on the left hand side of Bergbanan for hundred metres. When the road turns to the left, continue straight forward along a small trail until you reach a tunnel passing under Bergbanan.

Continue straight ahead after the tunnel and you will eventually reach a staircase taking you to a beautiful trail through the woods following a stream.  

The trail passes through a birch forest for about half an hour until you reach high mountain terrain passing by Lillskutan (1,094 metres).

The last part of the hike includes some easy climbing across stone blocks. It is not difficult or airy for those afraid of heights.

Finally reaching the summit at 1,420 metres you will probably enjoy having a waffle, some hot chocolate, tea or coffee while admiring the view of the surrounding mountains and Åre lake. 

As a final advice, always bring a windproof jacket and a sweater no matter how sunny and warm it is in the village. The weather changes quickly up here. You can also check our ultimate packing list for day hikes here.

Where to stay in Åre?

There are several really nice hotels in Åre. Besides that you can rent an apartment, stay at a hostel in the very center of the village or freecamp outside Åre.

Our favorite is Copperhill Lodge. It is a bit off from the village but it is very charming and the setting is amazing with views of Åre. 

Another hotel that perhaps might be a better choice if you have small kids is Holiday Club closer to the village centre. Holiday Club has a large pool and sauna area.

Hotel Åregården is a classical hotel and Fjällgården is perfectly situated for a skiing holiday. 

Where to eat in Åre?

One of the great things about Åre is that there are lots of nice restaurants. Copperhill Lodge has a really nice restaurant.

In the village there is Supper serving really tasty smaller dishes with inspiration from South America and our favourite Liten Krog that serves great pizzas, soups and hamburgers.

Buustamon is another great restaurant that is situated along the road to Ullådalen. It is only open occasionally in summer. In winter it is open daily and easily reached by ski.

How to get to Åre?

There are direct trains from Stockholm to Åre. Both day and night trains. Leaving Stockholm in the evening around 9 p.m. you will arrive in Åre the next morning around 8 a.m.

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