Masca Valley

Masca Valley

Tenerife, Spain

This very popular hike takes you from the tiny beautiful village of Masca through Masca valley down to the ocean. During winter 2019/20 the trail was closed due to renovation. Check that the trail is open before you go. We also tried to walk some other trails in the area but they were closed as well.


Starting/Finishing point



10 kilometres

(to the beach and back)

Length of time

2-4 hours


+/-600 metres


Blue down

Red up



Shoes to choose

Hiking boots


Masca village

Masca is a popular village to visit. It is situated at 650 metres above the ocean. 

The trail from the village of Masca down to the ocean is a popular one for tourists staying in Los Gigantes. It seems like a really great hike to do.

The trail is said to be rather difficult to walk as you have to climb and walk across large rocks. That is always time consuming and a bit difficult since you have to be very careful so you don´t slip and hurt yourself, especially if it is wet.

Reaching the ocean there are boats to Los Gigantes. That works fine if you went to Masca by bus or bought a package with transportation. Otherwise it is probably just fine to walk the same way back up.

Some say they have walked down from Masca to the ocean in 30 minutes. 

How to get to Masca?

It is a beautiful road from Santiago del Teide to Masca along a narrow road through the mountains with some viewpoints. This part will take you about half an hour without stops. It is a bit difficult to drive as you need to be ready to stop and back the car if you meet a bus or truck.

Arriving in Masca there are not many parking lots. An advice is to try to be there really early, at least before 9 a.m.  

There are daily buses from Santiago del Teide passing by Masca on the way to Buenavista del Norte. There are also taxis from Los Gigantes.

Masca is a very small village with some 10 houses, several of them restaurants and/or cafés. We bought sandwiches in the one at the end of the street down in the valley.

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