Anaga National Park west

Anaga National Park West


This is such a beautiful 15 kilometres circular hike taking you past white villages, valleys and along the ocean. It is quite streneous with all its´ ups and downs the valleys or barrancos in Spanish.


This hike is a quite strenuous one with around 1,200 metres of height walking up and down the valleys. You can start this hike in either El Batán, Chinamada or Punta del Hidalgo. We chose to start in El Batán because it was halfway from Punta del Hidalgo where we planned to have lunch.

In El Batán there are a lot of parking lots just outside the small village. There is also a small restaurant/café there.

The area is also popular among trailrunners. We met several trailrunners during our hike.


Starting/Finishing point

Small village of El Batán


15 kilometres

Length of time

5-8 hours


1,200 metres





Shoes to choose

Trail running shoes work just fine


Parking in El Batán, café to the left

El Batán to Chinamada

2,5 kilometres

The first part of this trail to Chinamada is actually not an official one but it is well signed.

Walking to Chinamada will take you about an hour even though it is only 2 kilometres. It is a very beautiful trail taking you through the valley of Tomadero – Barranco del Tomadero in Spanish. 

Walk past the church in El Batán along PR TF-11 and continue down along the trail until you reach a house and a board with information.

Walk to the left here, down to the white house, where the trail starts with a descent partly with step stones.

Do not continue walking along PR TF-11 since that is the route to Cruz del Carmen. 

Follow route TF-11 until you reach the cross

Pass the square by the

church in El Batán

Walk this way!

To the left

passing by this house

Follow the trail that is partly step stones. As you reach the bottom of the valley you cross the very bottom where there is a sign with number 6. Then you shall walk left in direction the ocean. Do not walk straight forward.

Trail down from El Batán

Cross the small river at the bottom of the Tomadero valley

Keep left after you

cross the small river 

After a couple of hundred metres the trail windles upwards to the right. As you walk higher and higher up you will soon see a village right ahead of you. That is Chinamada, your first stop.

The views of the valley of Tomadero are lovely with the volcanic pointy mountains shifting in colours depending on the light.

Finally, after 2 kilometres you reach a road. Turn left and follow the road down to the red church (photo below). The trail, TF-11, then continues behind the church to Punta del Hidalgo.

From Chinamada there is also a 1,2 kilometres walk to Mirador de Aguaide and back. If you feel like it – walk there and admire the view. If not, you will see more of the ocean along the trail to Punta del Hidalgo anyway.

Chinamada to Punta del Hidalgo

5 kilometres, TF 10

View of Tomadero valley and El Batán from Chimada

This part of the hike is one of the most popular ones on Tenerife and brings lovely views of the Atlantic ocean all the way.

Most people walk from Cruz del Carmen to Punta del Hidalgo along TF 10. That is 10 kilometres easy walk down. You can then take the bus from Punta del Hidalgo back to La Laguna.

From Chinamada to Punta del Hidalgo the trail is very easy with a slight descent all the way. You actually start at almost 600 metres in Chinamada and walk down for 4 kilometres to sea level in Punta del Hidalgo.

About half way you reach the ocean and large rocks almost tipping into the ocean. This place is perfect for at stop if you want to take a break.

Approaching Punta del Hidalgo the trail broadens to an unpaved road passing by a few factories.

After a few hundred metres you reach a roundabout. Turn left, pass by the bus stop and continue for about 500 metres straight forward along the main road until you reach a red church on your right hand side.

Punta del Hidalgo to El Batán

7,5 kilometres, TF 11

Right before the church there is a small steep road to the left, Camino el Callejón. This is where PR-TF 11 starts.

If you continue just a little further there is a restaurant on your left hand side with typical Spanish dishes, Casa Tita, perfect for lunch.

Camino el Callejón

The church in Punta del Hidalgo

The road continues upwards with beautifully coloured houses on both sides. You will actually walk this road for 350 metres of height and it will probably take almost an hour. Finally reaching the top you also reach the last houses in the village.

Camino el Callejón

Following the unpaved road for a few hundred metres you then see a road barrier on your left. Walk in that direction.

At first the trail takes you down but then windles upwards to a ridge along Barranco Seco with views of your next stop, the village of Bejia.

Road barrier after the ascent

from Punta del Hidalgo

Walking up to the ridge between

El Batán and Punta del Hidalgo

Bejia is a really small village with just a few houses.

As you reach the road in Bejia you have a little less than 4 kilometres left to El Batán if you follow the road. There is also a shortcut if you follow TF 11.


The shortcut is a bit difficult to find.

Walking along the road, look out for a steep path on your right hand side with steps and a railing. From there it is easy to find the way to El Batán.

We arrived in El Batán around 6 p.m. just before sunset which brought lovely views and photo opportunities. However, if we had got there just an hour later we would have been totally lost in the dark in the mountains. Since there is no city here it gets totally dark and if you are not used to the terrain it is really difficult to find the way in the dark.

On our hike in the eastern part of Anaga National Park we actually met a couple that got into that situation. They had to spend the night in the mountains.

A tip is to, besides to start this hike early enough, bring a headlamp.

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