Hiking to El Cabrito beach

Hiking to El Cabrito beach

La Gomera, Spain

This beautiful point to point hike takes you from San Sebastian along the coast to the beach El Cabrito. Going there and back is around 14 kilometres passing by two pebble stone beaches with views of the ocean and Tenerife all along the way...


Starting/Finishing point

Pedestrian area in

San Sebastian de La Gomera


15 kilometres to El Cabrito and back

Length of time

3-5 hours


+/-1,000 metres





Shoes to choose

Trail running shoes are just fine


Hiking to El Cabrito is not so well known but we liked it a lot. It was also a really nice contrast to the cloud forest in Garajonay. Have to admit, we did enjoy some 20 degrees and sunny in contrast to the chilly Garajonay on the day before.

This point to point hike takes you from San Sebastian along the coast to the beach El Cabrito. Going there and back is around 15 kilometres. If you are staying in El Parador de La Gomera you have to add another 2 kilometres each way which makes it a total of 19 kilometres.

On this day we decided to run for variation but we passed by several people hiking all the way to El Cabrito on one day´s hike. If you do not want to walk all the way you can stop by the Guancho beach half way and that makes a great hike as well.

Start of the hike to El Cabrito

The start of the hike to El Cabrito

Walk from the pedestrian area to the river on Avenida Quinto Centenario. Cross the river where there is a roundabout at the end of Avenida de Colón. After the bridge, follow Calle La Cruz, keeping left.  After about 500 metres you will reach a fence and this sign. The place might seem a bit messy but this is the place.

The first of the trail is an ascent of a couple of hundred metres and it might feel strenuous and difficult. Take your time especially if it is warm.

After reaching the plateau you have some 3 kilometres easy walk along the coast with beautiful views of San Sebastian and Tenerife.

Playa de la Guancha and

Teide on Tenerife on the horizon

You first reach Playa de la Guancha, a lovely pebblestone beach. It is a great hike just to walk here if you prefer that. It is then about 4-5 kilometres one-way.

Following the beach you enter a ravine and then another rather steep ascent. Reaching the top it might suddenly be windy. We had to hold on to our caps to stop them from blowing away! Walking down the trail you quickly reach shelter. The view of Playa del Cabrito is stunning from up there.

Playa del Cabrito is actually a 2-star hotel with its own ecological farm. It has a really nice setting and a pebblestone beach.

The place is unfortunately only for hotel guests so they do not serve any drinks or food to hikers passing by. Definitely a missed business opportunity in my opinion. A lot of hikers coming there were really disappointed. There is nothing stopping you from taking a swim or relaxing on the beach for a while.

We were allowed to fill our water bottles there before heading the same way back. If you walk here you should bring your own picnic and enough water for the day.

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