Las Palmas and La Vegueta

Las Palmas and La Vegueta

Las Palmas was founded in 1478. The older parts of the city are found in the historic district La Vegueta 5 kilometres from the beach Playa de las Canteras.

El Centro

El Centro is the modern center of Las Palmas with Playa de Las Canteras as its jewel. This is where you find the shopping district with Corte Inglés and lots of other shops. No matter where you are you are close to the beach. There are some parts for surfing only.

The Parque San Telmo is really nice.

There is a large bus station in El Centro with bus transfers to the Airport, La Vegueta and different parts of the island. If you are going to El Centro from the Airport be careful not to get off the bus too early in La Vegueta since it is quite a long walk to El Centro, about 5 kilometres.

La Vegueta

This is a lovely older part of Las Palmas with typical canarian houses, large areas for pedestrians, some really nice restaurants and Casa Museo de Colón, a museum with its focus on the relations between Spain and America. 

There is a large bus station in La Vegueta with buses to El Centro as well as to different parts of the island.

The Botanical garden

This lovely garden is situated on the slopes of the Guiniguada ravine just outside Las Palmas. If you go by bus from El Centro or La Vegueta it stops just outside the entrance of the garden.

This lovely garden was created by a Swede - Erik Ragnar Svensson - and is well worth visiting if you are staying for a few days in Las Palmas and are getting tired of the beach life. There is a restaurant in the garden with lovely views of the ravine.

Where to stay?

This is actually not an easy question. If you want a nice historical atmosphere you should definately choose to stay in lovely La Vegueta. If you want to be close to the beach, El Centro is a better choice. We chose to stay i El Centro and rented bikes to go to La Vegueta on the bike lines along the coast.

Where to eat?

We found a real gem in La Vegueta - 200 Gr. Burger - with vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers and a really nice atmosphere. Highly recommended!

In Las Palmas we had a really nice dinner at Restaurante de Cuchara who sets pride in its meat. You also find a lot of restaurants of different styles and price classes along the 3 kilometres long beach promenade. Some are really nice for breakfast overlooking the beach and the ocean.

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