Day hike Roque Noblu

Roque Noblu


This is a lovely hike through the valley of Tejeda (Barranco de Tejeda) passing almond trees and the little village of La Culata. You can either start in La Tejeda or at the Parador Nacional de Crus de Tejeda.


Finally arriving at Roque Noblu (the mountain top on the picture above) at 1802 metres you get spectacular views of the island in all directions. You also pass by one huge cave where the guanchos, the indigenous of the Canary islands, lived.

You can also do a lot shorter hike of 3 kilometres from the main road (GC-600) at La Goleta to Roque Noblu. This shorter hike will take you about 30 minutes to the summit plateau and it is very well signed. You will not be lost as long as you follow the path.


Starting/Finishing point

Parador Cruz de la Tejeda


18 kilometres

Length of time

4-6 hours





Water along the way


Shoes to choose

Trail running shoes or hiking boots


How to get to the Roque Noblu hike?

Following a lovely road upwards from La Tejeda you will reach the ridge called La Cruz de la Tejeda at 1,510 metres.

That is also where the Parador is, a hotel in a lovely historical building. Outside the hotel is a large parking for day tourists. Just opposite the hotel is a couple of restaurants.

The hike to Roque Noblu

The path starts just to the right of the restaurants. You will easily find the path there and it starts with a short ascent. When reaching the top you get a view of Roque Noblu and Roque Bentayga (photo above), two of the most famous so called guanche mountains on Gran Canaria. 

Following the path you pass by the property of Ataraxa. The path continues down to the road which you follow for a short while until you reach a view point, Mirador de Becerra with lovely views to the west. 

"This is the path down to the village of

La Culata with it almond trees."

Follow the path on the other side of the view point and you will arrive at a cross where you follow the valley to the right. This is the path down to the village of La Culata with its almond trees.

Arriving in La Culata keep left. Thereafter you rech a cross where you take the steep road upwards. If you get unsure about the way, walk in direction Roque Noblu which you will see more or less during the whole hike.

You will again reach a cross where you choose either right or left, both ways go up to Roque Noblu. From there is a larger streneous ascent up to Roque Noblu passing by a huge cave. You will also meet several tourists arriving from a parking lot nearby.

Going back down you follow the path to the road and parking lot. Follow the road for 400 metres to the next parking lot. Down by the trees you see the water basin Presa de los Hornos.

Continue down to the water basin and follow the road crossing it. Follow along the path and you will have lovely views of the ravine, the Barranco de Tejeda and the highest mountain in Spain on the island Tenerife, Teide.

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Following the path you reach a camping. Follow the signs to Degollada de Cruz Grande to the road and follow the road for 500 metres. At the bus stop, follow the path Camino Santiago into the forest. Follow the signs to Cruz de Tejeda. (The road also leads to Cruz de Tejeda).

Where to stay in Tejeda, Gran Canaria?

There are some really affordable apartments for rent in Tejeda. We stayed at the hotel by Cruz de la Tejeda, Parador Nacional de Tejeda. Its standard rooms are lovely with a lovely balcony and there are also suites in the older part of the building that have large terraces.

Its SPA is spectacular with its views of the mountains and Teide on Tenerife (photo below). It is however not included if you stay at the hotel. The cost is about 25 Euros pp for two hours. Nice to try at least once during your stay.

All over Spain you find paradores, often 4-star hotels usually located in some converted historic building like a monastery or castle in a lovely environment. They are government operated.

Where to eat?

There is a restaurant and café in the hotel. It is quite affordable compared to Las Palmas or the south coast. We had all dinners and breakfast in the restaurant. It got a bit boring though the food was just fine. There are also some restaurants in the lovely little village Tejeda that we will try the next time. 

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