Hiking in Gran Canaria

Hiking in Gran Canaria

You do not have to go far from the beaches in the south or Las Palmas in the north to discover a totally different Gran Canaria. Following the windling roads upwards you reach mountains, ravines and lovely little white villages.


About 1,5 hours and 40 kilometres from the beaches in the south you arrive in La Tejeda, a pretty little village with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and Teide in Tenerife. In this area you find a lot of hiking trails.

We hiked from Cruz de la Tejeda to Roque Noblu and around Pico de las Nieves. Read more about the hikes below, where to stay and where to eat.

Where to stay in Tejeda, Gran Canaria?

There are some really affordable apartments for rent in Tejeda. We stayed at the hotel by Cruz de la Tejeda, Parador Nacional de Tejeda. Its standard rooms are really nice with a lovely balcony and there are also suites in the older part of the building that have large terraces.

Its SPA is spectacular with its views of the mountains and Teide on Tenerife (photo below). It is however not included if you stay at the hotel. The cost is about 25 Euros pp for two hours. Nice to try at least once during your stay.

What is a parador?

All over Spain you find Paradores, 3-, 4- or 5-star hotels that usually are located in some converted historic building like a monastery, palace or castle. They are often set in an absolutely lovely environment on the countryside. 

Paradores are owned by the government. One purpose with paradores was to make the wonder´s of the Spanish landscape accessible to tourism. Today there are more than 90 Paradores spread all over Spain.

We have also stayed in a Parador in La Gomera with a stunning setting on a cliff overlooking the ocean and the capital of La Gomera, San Sebastian. It was simply amazing! And we have had lunch in the beautiful gardens of the Parador in Alhambra, Granada. Highly recommended!

Where to eat around Tejeda?

There is a restaurant and café in the hotel. It is quite affordable compared to Las Palmas or the south coast. We had all dinners and breakfast in the restaurant. It got a bit boring even though the food was just fine. There are also some restaurants in the lovely little village Tejeda that we will try the next time. 

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