Storm´s river

Storm´s river

Tsitsikama National Park

Tsitsitkama National Park is along the southern coast of South Africa along the Garden Route. There are several hiking routes of which the Otter trail is probably the most famous one. We walked the Mouth trail adding Viewpoint trail, a total of 6 kilometres. The main attraction for us was to see the two suspension bridges crossing Storms river. 

How to get to Storms´s river?

Following road 2 along the coast you take off at the sign for Tsitsikama National Park. There is a fee to enter the park of about 30 Euros. Quite expensive to be in South Africa. It is definately worth it! It is a lovely short hike and you can easily spend a few days here if you like.

The hikes around Storm´s river

To really see this place you should spend at least some 4 hours. We were here for only 2 hours passing on the way after going on Canyoing and that was far too short.

From the parking lot by the restaurant there is a short easy linear hike - the Mouth Trail - for 1 kilometres that will take you to the suspension bridges.

After walking past the suspensions bridges we continued on the Viewpoint Trail to get a view of the Ocean and Storm´s river from above. It was another 2 kilometres linear route. The first part is steep but then flattens out as you reach the top. Doing this hike is a total of 6 kilometres.

The famous Otter Trail is 42 kilometres and takes five days with sleeping in huts along the way. An option is to do the first part of the Otter Trail - the Waterfall hike and swim by the waterfall. It is a 3 hours hike for 12 kilometres. It is a linear route so you go back the same way.

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