Robberg island in South Africa

Robberg Island

South Africa

Robberg Island is a peninsula just outside Plettenberg along the Garden Route on the southern part of Africa. It is a scenic place with different trails to follow. No matter where you go you will see beaches, rocks and sandy slopes. It is a place to fall in love with. We even met a couple at the hotel we stayed in that got engaged here and had come back for their anniversary.

How to get to Robberg island?

Driving from Plettenberg it is not hard to find the Robberg road taking you to Robberg island. There is a gate at the entrance and you have to pay a small fee for entering. There is a large parking and WC. Remember to bring water since there is none on the way and it can get really hot. 

There are three beautiful circular trails to follow. The shortest one is only 2 kilometres, perfect for young kids. The longest is 11 kilometres and the one in between 4 kilometres. The one of 11 kilometres has to be done before it gets dark since the sand is unstable and is moving far out on the peninsula.

The trails are also perfect for running. Count on spending a couple of hours here no matter which trail you choose. You will not want to leave...

"There are three beautiful circular

trails to follow."

The beginning of the trail follows paths like the one the photo above and you will most probably spot some seals on the cliffs below. 

Following the longer trails you will end up on the beach connecting Robberg to a small island. It is well worth it to walk out to the island (photos below).

You then walk along the beach back to the parking. The trails are very well signed all the way and

and you won´t go wrong. 

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