Lion´s head in Cape Town

Lion´s head in Cape Town

Hiking up to Lion´s head is more or less a must when you are in Cape Town. It is within easy reach and brings magnificient views of Cape Town, the Table mountain and Camps Bay from 669 metres above the city.

The hike to the top of Lion´s head is quite easy and takes about 1 to 1,5 hours up and a little less down. The trail is well signed all the way and you will surely meet some other hikes along the way. Some parts can be scary if you are afraid of heights but you do not have to step on the rock like in the photo above. I did not!

You are very exposed to the sun during the whole hike so bring a litre of water per person. It is also really nice to sit on the plateau (a bigger one than on the photo above!) so it is a great thing to bring a picknick and admire the views for a while. View of Camps Bay on the photo below.

How to find the way to the Lion´s head hike?

There is a parking lot for Lion´s head and we did not have any problems finding a lot even though it was around Christmas with lots of hikers.

Turn off from Kloof Nek Road in direction Signal Hill on Signal Hill Road. After some five minutes you reach the parking lot.

Going by Über you type Lion´s head as your direction.

The hike to Lion´s head

The trail starts with an ascent along an unpaved road that after a while transforms into a smaller trail. Following the trail you actually go around the mountain so you have great views in all directions. 

There are some steep rocky parts with chains to hold on to. If you are afraid of heights try not to look down. It is an easy climb with large stable stones to walk on all the way.

This is a lovely sunset or sundown hike.

Is the hike to Lion´s head for everyone?

The hike is within easy reach from Cape Town, it is relatively short, it is well marked and the reward at the top is 10/10.

I am really afraid of heights and had to take a deep breath at some times and I definately did not

 step out on the cliff overlooking the city. The plateau on the top is large and rooms a lot of people so I could just stay there feeling totally safe.

This is on the one hand a perfect hike for kids from about 5 years old. It is not too streneous, it is exciting more or less all the way and you do not have to travel far from Cape Town to get there.

If I had had small kids running around excited on the plateau I would be scared though. It is probably very tempting for any kid to jump between the large rocks near the edges. So, in the end, it depends on you and your kids.

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