Canyoing along Garden Route


along the Garden Route

This was a bucket list thing that we had wanted to do for years. Canyoing is swimming, cliff jumping and abseiling along a canyon. With safety equipment like helmet and life jacket you feel safe. The canyoing includes jumps of up to 10 metres down in the water but after a while you get used to it and

 just - jump!


Starting/Finishing point

Africanyon Adventures about 40 minutes east of

Plettenberg along the Garden Route


2-4 kilometres

Length of time

4 hours






No time for drinks!

Price pp

45 Euros (wet suite, helmet, harness included)

Shoes to choose

Leight weight. Five fingers are perfect.

You can also rent a pair of shoes.


We chose to go with Africanyon Adventures near Plettenberg. It was half a day with a lot of fun and nerve thrilling experiences. We had done some easy climbing with ropes before but we are definately not used to this kind of adventure. The scariest part for me was the abseiling, going down holding on to a rope. 

The trip starts with a short ride in a bus to the starting point. From there the first thing is to abseil down a cliff for about 8 metres. That was the most difficult and scary part of all. After coming down we walked to a cliff for our first jump into the water.

In total there were four abseils: two from cliffs and two in waterfalls. We probably did about 10 jumps into the water from 5 metres up to 10. 

We were 10 people in the group and one child around 5 years. He was a bit scared for the abseiling parts so the guide helped him down.


The two guides from Africanyon Adventures were great! I think most of us were a bit scared from time to time but they managed to get everyone to enjoy and overcome our fears. In the end I was so glad I did this and we would all love to do it again.

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