South Africa

South Africa

Typical Cape Dutch style building

Lairds Lodge, Plettenberg

South Africa was the number one on our bucket list for years. Finally going there we did not get disappointed. The nature is stunning beautiful and offers so many different acitivities, the food is totally amazing and so is the wine. There is an endless number of lovely boutique hotels. You can go on a safari seeing wild lions, elephants and giraffes. Adding to that the service is exceptional and the price level is low compared to Europe and the US.


The drawback is that South Africa with its nearly 60 million inhabitants is one of the most unequal countries in the world. You will notice that at the same moment you leave the airport as some of the poorest live along the highway leading to the airport.

Some say South Africa is a dangerous country to visit but we never felt unsafe during our two

weeks´ round trip. We went by our own in a rental car and met a lot of other tourists who did the same.

Going to South Africa was a very educational trip for our kids. They got to see how the distribution of wealth can differ between countries and the effects of that.

Important notice: If you travel with kids less than 18 years old you need to bring a birth certificate that proves that you are the parent of the kid. In Sweden you get such a certificate from the Tax Authorities (Skattemyndigheten). Unless yo have it, they will not let your child enter South Africa. The airport staff check this at your home airport before leaving and you have to show it when arriving and leaving South Africa.

Where to stay along the Western Cape and Cape Town?

There are lots and lots of lovely Guest houses along the Western Cape including Cape Town.  Guest houses are characterized by being small and personal with up to 6-12 double rooms and a very high level of service. If you like boutique hotels, this country probably is a dream destination for you. The decorations are often lovely including the green and lush gardens with lots of exotic flowers. 

There are 5-star guest houses as well as 3-star ones.

If you go on a safari and stay overnight it is an all-inclusive stay at a resort like hotel. Often the number of double rooms are limited to 4-12.