Biking and beaches in Cascais

Biking and beaches in Cascais


Dunes of Cresmina

Cascais is a beautiful village about 45 minutes west of Lisbon and you easily get there from Lisbon by train or from Sintra by bus (417). The center of the village still feels small even though there are more than 200 000 people living in the area of Cascais. In and nearby Cascais you find several small beaches along the promenade.

Bike to Quincho beach and the dunes of Cresmina

It is really nice to bike following the coast line west all the way to Quincho beach. It is about 9 kilometres oneway. There is a bike lane all the way and you find several bike rentals in Cascais.

After having a look at the surfers at Quincho beach walk the 2 kilometres long path on the Dunes of Cresmina. It is really beautiful. Stop at the café along the way and have a snack before biking back.

"Walk the 2 kilometres long path on

the dunes of Cresmina. It is really beautiful."

The Fortaleza do Quincho is a 5-star hotel at Quincho with a 1 star Michelin restaurant. You should perhaps not eat there after biking there but you can have a snack/burger in the bar just to be able to take a look at the place and its lovely interior patio. We had lunch in the bar. It is a cosy and interesting place but not so priceworthy.

Where to stay in Cascais?

We stayed at the lovely Pergola house, a B&B with a beautiful garden. Try to book a room with balcony since the other rooms are really small (15 sqm).

The breakfast is not that good but there are at least both warm and cold dishes. Wine and cheese is served in the evening for around 6 Euros a person if you share.

It is really nice to sit in the garden sipping wine before going out for the evening. The Pergola house is in the middle of the town and very quiet. It is about 600 meters from the beach.

Where to eat in Cascais?

Hifen which is just by the beach (Praia da Ribeira) in the middle of Cascais serves great tapas. We even took a copy of their menu for inspiration at home. Hifen has some small balconys overlooking the ocean and the city beach. We loved their "tomato burgers" and have cooked them at home afterwards.

Another option is having great sushi at the Farol hotel located just by the sea after passing by the Citadel. If you are there before it gets dark you will have a perfect view of the ocean. Farol hotel also has a restaurant serving Portuguese food.

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