The Reinebringen hike is probably the most popular one of all in Lofoten and it brings a lovely view of Reine, the fjords and surrounding mountains. From 2019 the hike is again open after having been closed for several years due to the risk of falling stones. Sherpas from Nepal have built the stairs to the top.


Starting/Finishing point



1 km

Length of time

2-3 hours


+/-450 metres



Water along the way


Shoes to choose:

Hiking boots


How to get to Reinebringen?

The hike to Reinebringen starts just outside the village of Reine. If you arrive by car drive into the village, passing by the gas station and park you car at the parking area (50 NOK a day). From the parking you have 1 kilometres walk back, across the bridge leading into Reine, to the start of the hike.

The hike starts to the left of the tunnel on E10. Do not walk into the tunnel but follow the old road outside the tunnel. Then follow the large white arrows painted on the ground. 

The Reinebringen hike

The hike is steep all the way up starting through a birch forest. Since it is steep hiking boots is recommended, especially if it is muddy.

After around 800 metres the trail follows 870 stone steps built by sherpas from Nepal. This stair was finished in 2019. It is an easy climb thanks to the stairs but still steep so it requires some effort.

Take really good care at the end of this hike since the final part of the path might be slippery. From there you will have a magnificient view of Reine, the fjord and the surrounding mountains.  

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