Helvetestinden and Bunes beach

Helvetestinden and Bunes beach


This is such a lovely day trip including half an hour boat trip on the Reinefjorden, a lovely walk to Bunes beach and an exciting hike up the Helvetestinden. It is also popular to freecamp at Bunes beach.


Starting/Finishing point



8,5 kilometres

Length of time

2-4 hours


+/-620 metres



Water along the way


Shoes to choose

Hiking boots


How to get to Helvetestinden and Bunes beach?

The starting point for this day trip is Reine from where there are daily boats in the morning in summer time. The boat leaves from a small bridge on the left hand side when you arrive in Reine. Reine is a really small village so you will easily find it. Be there on time though since there might be diffcult to find a parking.

For parking, drive into Reine, passing by the gas station and park you car at the parking area (50 NOK a day).

You buy tickets in a small ticket shop by the bridge. The boat trip is about half an hour and takes you across the Reinefjorden to Vindstad.

From Vindstad you follow an unpaved road to Bunes beach for 2-3 kilometres. Just before you arrive to Bunes beach there is a small ascent. 

The Helvetestinden hike

This is a streneous hike starting with a climb across large blocks of stone.

There are several paths leading up to Helvetestinden and it is easy to find the way. To avoid the largest stone blocks, choose one of the paths well ahead of Bunes beach. The closer to the beach you start, the more stones to climb and that takes a lot of effort and time.

The hike is quite streneous as it goes upwards and upwards until you reach the ridge. From there you follow the path until you have the view of Bunes beach far below.

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