August 2021

Åndalsnes in Møre og Romsdal is the home of amazing hikes. Besides the famous Romsdalseggen there are several hikes starting at the top of the serpentine road Trollstigen. Perhaps the most famous one is the one taking you to the Troll Wall between two of the sharp peaks. From there you have views of the Romsdalen valley 1,000 metres down below and Romsdalseggen. It is quite a challenging hike.


Starting/Finishing point

Restaurant above Trollstigen road


11 kilometres there and back

Length of time

3-5 hours







Shoes to choose

Hiking boots


There are several hikes starting close to the restaurant at the top of Trollstigen: Kongen (the king), Bispen (the bishop) and the Troll Wall. There are also some popular unmarked routes in the area.

The hike to the Troll Wall or Stabbeskaret as it also called starts right by the restaurant where it is also possible to buy some food to bring on your hike. Parking is for free (2021). From there you follow the pedestrian bridge taking you to the view points of Trollstigen.

After some 150 metres you reach a sign to Stabbeskaret on your right hand side. From there the hike is marked by red dots. Take some time to find the next red dot before you continue. It is very easy to walk the wrong way since there is no obvious path.

The hike is 5 kilometres oneway and pretty challenging since it is more or less a continuous elevation for 820 metres, most of it across blocks of stones. If you are very used to trail-running shoes you can wear that kind of shoe. If not, choose hiking boots with ankle support to save your ankles.

Crossing the first ”false peak” along the way you will see a small lake on your right hand side and possibly a field of snow if you are lucky. It is so much easier to walk on snow compared to the blocks of stone.

Continuing a bit further you get sight of the ridge Stabbeskaret far up right ahead of you. There is also another lake and some more snow. The last part of the hike is quite steep but fully manageable if you have come this far.

Finally reaching the ridge Stabbeskaret and the Troll Wall you have views of the Romsdalen valley from 1,000 metres of height. Looking down you will surely feel the height! If you are afraid of heights you just keep away from the ridge. The hike up there is not challenging at all in that aspect.

What to bring?

Since this is a very exposed high-mountain terrain you should bring a first-aid-kit just in case. You should also be sure to fully charge your mobile phone before setting off.

Besides that the weather conditions decides what to bring. A wind-proof jacket to protect you from wind, or a rain-jacket if there is the slightest risk for rain. A warm sweater, buff and gloves is always good to bring with you. For safety and to wear at the top or along the way if you want to take some rest. If it is sunny, don´t forget sun protection! You are very exposed to the sun all the way.

How to get to the starting point?

There is a large car parking by the restaurant at the start of the hike. Besides that there are also buses in the morning from Åndalsnes.

What did we think of the hike?

We had wanted to do this hike for some years so we were looking forward to it a lot. The views from the ridge Stabbeskaret are amazing. The hike was, however, more streneous than we expected because of the continous elevation, something we should have guessed since the distance is only 5 kilometres. It took us much longer than expected since we found the terrain difficult, especially going down.

The norwegians however more or less ran down the blocks of stones so it is a matter of technique, practice and courage. We also met a 80-year old lady walking to the top all alone. She was faster than us down…

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