Skageflå hike

Skageflå mountain farm

August 2021

Hiking to the mountain farm Skageflå is a really nice day hike starting in Geiranger. You can either take a boat to a bridge below the farm Skageflå or simply walk there and back from Geiranger. The last option is a bit more streneous  since it brings a higher ascent but fully workable if you are fit and take your time. From the farm you have a lovely view of the Geiranger fjord and the Seven Sisters Waterfall. 


Starting/Finishing point

Homlung (Geiranger)


9 kilometres walking there and back

(half the distance if you

choose the boat)

Length of time

3-6 hours


+/- 800

(less if you choose the boat)



Water along the way

Some, but bring your

own to be sure

Shoes to choose:

Hiking boots or

Trail running shoes


Skageflå is an abandoned mountain farm lovely situated above the Geiranger fjord. If you choose to go there by boat you have a rather steep hike to start with, an ascent of about 300 metres. From Skageflå you have yet another ascent to Homlungsetra Mountain Farm at 544 metres. From there is a really nice descent all the way back to Geiranger.

If you choose to skip the boat you have the option to either start in Geiranger or go by bike or car to Homlung which shortens the hike with 2 kilomtres one way. You walk the same way back. 

Starting in Homlung this really nice trail take you through a lush forest and pretty soon you will get your first glimpse of the fjord from far above. 

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You first reach the Homlungsetra mountain farm which is perfect for a break. The views are stunning and the old seter is beautiful. After a descent you then finally reach Skageflå. Remember to bring  your own picnic as there is no restaurant or café when you arrive. There are some picnic tables and restrooms.

What did we think of the hike?

It is a really nice hike all the way and perfect if you are close to Geiranger. The trail is really, really nice but it for sure took some effort to go down to Skageflå knowing you had the same way up later on. For most people this hike is a full day´s hike.

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