Kayaking Geirangerfjord



August 2021

Geiranger is probably most famous for the beautiful views of the fjord but it is also the home for a lot of activities like hiking and kayaking. If you have done some kayaking before you can very well rent a kayak and go on your own. Otherwise there are several companies offering guided tours. Remember to bring water and sun protection.


There are several companies renting kayaks by the Geiranger fjord. We stayed at the Grande Fjord hotel so it was very convenient to rent kayaks at the camping right beside the hotel. We also realized that another advantage with renting kayaks there was that 2 hours were just perfect to have enough time to paddle to the seven sisters and a little further in the fjord. Starting by the village of Geiranger, you will probably need 3 hours.

We rented the kayaks at Active Geiranger and it cost us NOK 900 for a double sea kayak for two hours. Life wests were included and you also get a map and some instructions if you like. They were really nice and helpful!

We followed the right shore to the seven sisters´ waterfall and then carefully crossed the fjord to the other side and followed it back until we crossed the fjord again to get back.

What did we think about it?

We absolutely loved it! Going by kayak in a fjord has been a dream for years but it has never been possible before. We have either been asked for a certificate for kayaking or offered to go on a guided tour that needs to be booked far ahead. This time we just walked down to the bridge and rented a kayak.

A great advantage with the Geiranger fjord is that the sea is usually quite calm. Nevertheless it seems to be a bit more windy in the afternoon than in the morning to going in the morning is a good thing.

To get the most out of it you probably should have been kayaking before so you know what it is about. The first time most people are scared of tipping over even though that is more or less impossible. There are also other boats in the fjord like ships and motorboats that you have to be aware of.

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