Galdhöpiggen 2,469 m

Galdhöpiggen (2 469 m) is the highest mountain in Scandinavia. This is a great day hike within easy reach from Spiterstulen. There are no scary parts if you are afraid of heights. If you want to shorten the hike an option is starting at Juvasshytta. You then go with a guide.


Traditional hike from Spiterstulen

Starting/Finishing point



15 km

Length of time

5-8 hours


+/-1 500 metres




Unavailable, fill at the Spiterstulen mountain hut. The water in the river is not drinkable!

Shoes to choose

Hiking boots



Easier option from


Starting/Finishing point

Juvasshytta, only guided tours


11 km

Lenght of time

3-5 hours


+/-600 metres




Unavailable, fill at the Spiterstulen mountain hut. The water in the river is not drinkable!

Shoes to choose

Hiking boots


How to get to Galdhöpiggen?

Take off from road 55 in direction Spiterstulen that is very well signed along the road 15 kilometers from Lom. Drive along the small road through the forest. After 17 kilometers  you arrive in Spiterstulenhytta. There is a road toll (100 NOK) that you pay at Spiterstulen hytta.

You can stay overnight either in the mountain hut of Spiterstulen or camp by the river. Other options are camping in Lom or by Djupvatnet if you are arriving from Geiranger.

To get to Juvasshytta you drive a little further from Lom and turn left at the sign Juvasshytta.

The Galdhöpiggen hike

The walk from Spiterstulen up to the top of Galdhöpiggen is quite easy and well-signed even though the ascent probably will be a challenge. You will be going up and up until you reach the top.

Along the way you pass small rivers, blocks of stone, snow and will probably see some sheep.

If possible you should try to be either very early, starting around 7 a.m. or late, after lunch. This hike is very popular, especially if the weather is nice.

Most hikers choose the easier path starting at Juvasshytta. These group trips start at 10 a.m. reaching the top around 12 a.m. Before 12 a.m. and after 3 p.m. there are fewer people on the top.

The walk from Juvasshytta is easier in length as well as in ascent, but includes crossing a glacier. Because of that, you can only take this route with a guide. (300 NOK per person.) 

Walking from Spiterstulenwill give you views from above of people crossing the glacier (photo below).

There is usually snow as you come closer to the top (even in July). On the top there is a small hut serving drinks, chocolate and some food. One hour passes quickly on the top since you have so much to see in all directions.

Going down, depending on the snow conditions you might be able to go down sitting on the snow. Use your rain jacket to sit on sliding down. Beware of the stones at the end though.

Going down in snow from Galdhöpiggen!

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