Besseggen ridge


Besseggen hike is one of Norway´s most famous hikes and well worth the effort. The hike over the ridge is partly narrow and nerve thrilling and gives incredible views of the fjord Gjende.


Starting/Finishing point



13 km

Length of time

6-8 hours


+/-1 000



Water along the way

No, limited

Shoes to choose:

Hiking boots


The Besseggen hike

You can hike the Besseggen ridge in both directions, either from Gjendesheim to Memurubu or take the Gjende boat across the fjord Gjende to Memurubu and then trek the ridge back.

There are several boats in the morning starting around 7:30 a.m. until 10 a.m. You buy tickets  in advance (recommended in high season) or on the boat for about 160 NOK.

Starting in Memurubu you have quite an ascent to start with. The trail then flattens a bit passing by the small lake Björnböltjönne before a short descent. From there you have a magnificent view of Besseggen separating the lakes Gjende to your right and Bessvatnet on your left.

Approaching Besseggen you will probably be impressed by the sharp edge and you might start wondering if you are on the right trail. You are!  

If you are afraid of height this part will surely be a challenge for you. It certainly was for me. I actually crawled by a few passages since I am really afraid of heights. My son, however, more or less ran up the edge.

A great advantage with starting in Memurubu walking in direction Gjendesheim instead of the opposite is that it usually feels a little more safe walking steep trails upwards than downwards.

The views from the edge are beautiful. It was a bit rainy during our hike but we had a great time anyway. 

We did this hike as a part of a 3 days hike around Russvatnet carrying camping equipment. It was our first hike in Norway and we did not get as far as we planned. Still, we had a really nice time and were totally amazed by the beauty of the landscape. 

How to get to Besseggen?

Gjendesheim is in Jotunheimen National Park, 4 hours north of Oslo. The start of Bessegen is right in Gjendesheim by the fjord Gjende. 

Arriving in Gjendesheim you can park your car outside Gjendesheim Turisthytte which also provides simple rooms and food if you want to stay overnight (about 500 – 1 000 NOK per person depending on type of room). Be sure to be there at the latest around 6 p.m. if you want to have dinner which is served once in the evening. 

There are also options for camping. In that case you have to park the car at the larger parking in Reinsvangen and then take the shuttle bus 2 km to Gjendesheim. The parking includes the shuttle bus.

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