A day by Oldevatnet and Briksdalsbreen

August 2021

A day by Oldevatnet and Briksdalsbreen

Close to Stryn and Loen in Sogn och Fjordane you find Oldedalen valley and Oldevatnet, a crystal green lake surrounded by mountains that all together brings incredible colours and views. At the end of Oldedalen valley you find Briksdal valley with the glacier Briksdalsbreen, an arm of Jostedalsbreen.

We had heard about Olden and decided to go there and check it out. Totally unplanned we decided to drive from our hotel to Oldevatnet and see what to find. It turned out we never wanted to leave!

We found the loveliest little Instagram friendly café right by Oldevatnet and so wished that we had stayed there for a night or two instead of at the boring (yes!) hotel in Olden. The beauty of the colours of the lake contrasting with the surrounding landscape was almost difficult to ”take in”.

But first we needed to get some energy from a hike and at the end of the road we arrived at Briksdal mountain lodge where there also was a restaurant, café and shop.

We soon realized that a lot of people come here to see Briksdalsbreen, a glacier that is part of the huge Jostedalsbreen. The place is a bit commercial with a ”Trolltrain” to take you closer to the glacier even though it is not far at all, only 3 kilometres oneway and some 300 metres of elevation. Nevertheless, it is always a great thing that everyone has the possibility to see some of nature´s wonders.

The hike starts right by the mountain lodge and is very well signed. The trail is more or less a broad path all the way. Parking is NOK 75 a day (2021).

Along the way you pass by an impressive waterfall, Kleivafossen, and walk along a stream before you reach the lake below the glacier.

Finally arriving at Briksdalsbreen you will probably be surprised by how small it is today. Especially since you pass signs on your way up stating how far below in the valley that the glacier used to stretch.

Before leaving Briksdal we had a second breakfast at the restaurant that was pretty ok.

On our way back to Olden we stopped by at Yrineset since we had seen signs of a café on our way to Briksdal. It turned out to be such a lovely and relaxed place serving some food so we stayed there for hours. They also had kayaks for rent and it was possible to stay overnight in a tent (glamping).

What did we think about Oldevatnet and the Briksdalsbreen hike?

The landscape around Oldevatnet felt almost surreal. The colours from the lake and the surrounding mountains is absolutely breathtaking. Hiking up to Briksdalsbreen was also a great thing to do, short but stunning with the waterfall and the glacier at the end.

We also discovered a new hike to put on our list, Kattanakken. It starts right by the Briksdal mountain lodge and is a pretty challenging trail up to Kattanakken, 5,6 kilometres oneway with an elevation of 1300 metres.

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