21 Days in the Fjord Region



21 Days in the Fjord Region

Off the beaten track

On this trip we discover the cities of Bergen, Ålesund and Stavanger. We do the hikes to Trolltunga, Preikestolen, Kjerag, Besseggen, Romsdalseggen, Galdhöpiggen and add some less famous, but still stunning hikes in Aurlandsdalen. We will visit 4 national parks including Jotunheimen, Reinheimen, Hardangervidda and Lyseheine.


This trip includes all the famous spots included in the 7 Day trip in the Fjord region, but at a slower pace giving you enough time to discover each place more thoroughly with more acitivities besides hiking like biking and kayaking. It is a very comprehensive programme, but then you always have the option to do part of the trip. It can easily be divided into three or four really nice trips. One of them is the 7 Days Instagram round trip.

Highlights on this trip

  • Stunning nature scenery
  • Hiking the most famous hikes in the region
  • City breaks in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Ålesund
  • The famous railway Flåmsbana and biking
  • Fjord cruises
  • Kayaking
  • Lazy city days


21 Days in the Fjord Region - Off the beaten track


Day 1

Arrive in Oslo

Day 2

Drive to Gjendesheim

(4 hours)

Day 3

Hike the Besseggen ridge

Jotunheimen National Park

Day 4

Drive through Romsdalen to Åndalsnes

(3 hours)

Day 5

Hike Romsdalseggen

Reinheimen National Park

Day 6

Drive the Atlantic Ocean Road

Visit Molde

Drive to Ålesund

(full day)

Day 7

Kayaking and sightseeing in Ålesund

Day 8

Drive Trollstigen to Geiranger

(full day)

Day 9

Boat trip Geirangerfjord, hike to Skageflå

Day 10

Drive to Lom and Spiterstulen

(3,5 hours)

Day 11

Hike Galdhöpiggen

Jotunheimen National Park

Day 12

Drive Sognefjellsvegen to Flåm

(5 hours)

Day 13

Canyoing Hike in Aurlandsdalen

Day 14

Go with Flåmsbana

Drive to Odda

(2,5 hours)

Day 15

Hike to Trolltunga

Day 16

Drive to Bergen

(2,5 hours)

Day 17


Day 18

Drive to Stavanger

(4,5 hours)

Day 19

Hike to Kjeragbolten

Day 20

Hike to Preikestolen

Day 21

Drive (7 hours) or fly to Oslo


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