The river Visa by Spiterstulen,

the starting point for hiking to Galdhöpiggen


If you plan to visit Norway, be ready to fall in love! Norway is an absolutely amazing country if you are into beautiful landscapes and adventures like hiking, biking and kayaking. High mountains decorated with white glaciers, rushing waterfalls and stunning views of one of more than 1 000 blue-green fjords inbedded between the high mountains.


Almost no matter where you go you will find mountains, fjords and windling roads between beautiful small villages with wooden houses in different colours. On the meadows there aresheep and cows walking around freely.

In the Southern part (north of Oslo) you find national parks such as Joutunheimen, Reinheimen, Rondane and Dovre.

Far up in the north you find the Lofoten islands, the Key West of Norway. Starting in Narvik driving the 350 kilometers to Å far out in the Atlantic Ocean you pass by hundreds of mountains ranging up to 1 000 meters, several of them perfect for day hikes in summer or skiing in the winter.

It might be difficult to choose where to go. Below we share three round trips, two in the southern part of Norway and one in Lofoten. All round trips can be combined with lots of day hikes at different levels to experience more of the Norwegian nature. Scroll down and discover!

Round trips Norway

Day hikes Norway

View of Sörvågen, Lofoten, Norway

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Weather in Norway

One tricky thing about Norway is the weather. When the sun is shining everything is great but you have to be prepared for some rainy days and perhaps change your plans accordingly.

Many of the hikes might even be dangerous if it is rainy or very windy. One way to cope with this is to keep a close look at the weather forecast for the upcoming days and change the itinerary if necessary. Spending a rainy day in a city is really not that bad enjoying good food and taking a shorter hike.

Where to stay in Norway?

Like in any other country there are lots and lots of hotels in the larger cities like Bergen, Stavanger, Ålesund and so on. Typical for the fjord region are fjord hotels, often white wooden buildings with a setting close to the fjords.

In the mountain areas there are mountain huts in areas like Jotunheimen or Rondane National parks. There are also campings and camping huts for rent. Besides that there are a lot of oopportunities for freecamping following from the freedom to roam. 

Following from the freedom to roam you have the right to walk, cycle, ride, ski and camp on any land with the exception of private gardens, near a dwelling house or land under cultivation. 

This freedom to roam means that you are allowed to freecamp for the maximum of two nights. Y If you are unsure of how close to camp a residence - ask the landowner before! 


Of course you shall bring all your rubbish with you (including toilet paper). 

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