Ecomaratona Chianti Classico

Ecomaratona Chianti Classico

The Ecomaratona takes you through this 1 kilometre long allé of cypresses

The Ecomaratona Chianti Classico takes place on October 18 in 2020 (check the date before booking flight and hotel). This trail run is perfect if you want to try running trail but is not used to it. It is not that many metres of height and the terrain is quite easy to run.


The Chianti Maraton distance of 42 kilometres includes an elevation gain of 950 metres. The half marathon of 21 kilometres is called the Chianti Classico Trail and has an elevation gain of 450 metres.

Chianti Maraton starts at 7:15 with a bus shuttle from Castelnuovo Berardenga to the starting point in Castle in Brolio. The race then starts at 9:30.

Chianti Classico Trail starts at 9:30 in Castelnuovo Berardenga. 

You can also read more detailed information about the races here.

View of wineyards along the way

If you are new into trail running this race is perfect for you! The terrain is easily run and you do not necessarily have to wear trail running shoes.

The views are fantastic all along the way and it is a nice mix of ascents and descents. It is a friendly atmosphere and people stay and take photos of each other. Everytime I stopped and picked up my camera someone asked if I wanted them to take a photo of me.

There are several rest stops along the way where coke, water, sweets, olive, bread and wine is served. Several of the rest stops are at wineyards.

Most of the people running the race are italians from the neighbouring villages and cities.

On the evening before the race a pasta party is arranged with a buffé of pasta, vegetables, ham, cheese and olives served together with wine and water. It was simple and friendly.

Most people we met around here had very limited knowledge in English but we managed to get along pretty well even though we know very few words in Italian. Body language sometimes works just fine!

Practical information about running competitions in Italy

To participate in run races in Italy you need a certificate that indicates that you are fit enough. Probably your doctor can sign the document for you.

In Sweden you can get a signed certificate at your Vårdcentral. It will probably cost you some 300 SEK and you need to book the appointment well in advance.

How to get to Castelnuovo de Berardenga?

Castelnuovo de Berardenga is a 30 minutes drive east of Siena and 1,5 hours drive from Florence

Where to stay in Castelnuovo de Berardenga?

Castelnuovo de Berardenga is a small village and the easiest thing is to look for a hotel in the nearby villages. On the day for the race there are arrangements with parking lots in Castelnuovo de Berardenga.

We ended up staying at a wineyard hotel, Borgo San Felice 10 kilometres from Castelnuovo de Berardenga. It is a lovely place. The breakfast here was one of the best we have ever had.

We also had dinner at the two restaurants at the hotel, one of them a 1-star Michelin restaurant serving traditional fine dining. The other one offers a more simple menu with pizza and pasta.

Since Borgo San Felice is a wine yard we also booked their wine tasting including a guided tour around the area.

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