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France/Font Romeau Trail Run

The Font Romeau Nature Trail Run takes place on July 4 in 2020 (check the date before booking flight and hotel). Font Romeau is where Kilian Jornet, one of the world´s most famous trail runner, grew up. If you have heard about Kilian´s Classic, this is the one!

The marathon distance is also called the Carlit marathon. It is 42 kilometres with an ascent of 2300 metres including the summit of Carlit. The half marathon is called the Trail des Lacs. It is said to be 21 kilometres, but my GPS showed 28 kilometres. The ascent is 1300 metres.

Carlit marathon starts at 6:30 in the morning in the center of Font Romeau. Trail des Lacs starts at 8:00. Trail des Lacs follows part of the same route as the Carlit marathon.

Both races start with an easy descent before reaching the first ascent, a ski piste. Thereafter you reach another steep ascent before reaching meadows and streams. If you have not trained walking or running upwards you will probably notice already.

The views are great! Running the half marathon - Trail des Lacs - you will have a descent after some 14 kilometres for a few kilometres. Part of the trail is rather technical though. With some 5-8 kilometres left you meet a long ascent, a slope that never seems to end. 

You finally reach the goal in the village, at the same place where you started.

Practical information about trail races in France

To participate in run races in France you need a certificate that indicates that you are fit enough. Probably your doctor can sign the document for you. In Sweden you can get a signed certificate at your Vårdcentral. It will probably cost you some 300 SEK and you need to

book the appointment well in advance.

During the race there is some mandatory equipment. That includes water, whistle, safety blanket, buff, and a cup for water. You probably also want to bring some bars or gels.

Where to stay in Font Romeau?

There are some more simple hotels in Font Romeau. We ended up staying at an apartment hotel, Residence Le Pic de l'Ours just by the start/finish of the race. That was a great advantage since one of us run the Carlit marathon and the other Trail des Lacs. Also, we did not have to get up too early in the morning since we had 10 metres to the starting point.

The apartments have balconys and some of them provide a lovely view of the landscape. Ask for a balcony with a view! If this place updated it's furniture it would be a great stay.

How to get to Font Romeau?

Font Romeau is a 2 hours beautiful drive north of Barcelona, You pass by the Catalonian landscape, the Pyrenees and a Spanish enclave in France.

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