Gletscherschlucht Rosenlaui



Gletscherschlucht Rosenlaui

The Gletscherschlucht Rosenlaui is a narrow path passing underground waterfalls, grottos and cliffs close to the village of Meiringen. You can also easily go there from Grindelwald passing across the Grosse Scheidegg.

How to get to Gletscherschlucht Rosenlaui?

To reach the hike through the Gletscherschlucht Rosenlaui from Grindelwald you have several options combining hiking and bus transfer. You have to cross the pass, Grosse Scheidegg, that brings lovely views of the area.

There are buses to Grosse Scheidegg from Grindelwald as well as from Meiringen so depending on how far you want to hike you have several options combining bus transfer and walking. You can also choose if. you want to go upwards or downwards.

One option is to take the bus from Grindelwald to Grosse Scheidegg and then walk from there down to Rosenlaui. That will take you approximately one hour.

After walking through the Gletscherschlucht Rosenlaui you can either walk back up or take the bus to Grosse Scheidegg and then walk from there down to Grindelwald. That is about 2 hours.

Another option is to take the bus all the way to Rosenlaui, walk through the Gletscherschlucht and

then all the way back to Grindelwald. It is about a 4-5 hours walk and you can stop by the Grosse Scheidegg on the way for refreshments if you like. 

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