Eiger Trail



Eiger Trail

The Eiger Trail can be really tough - if you start down in Grindelwald and walk up - or quite easy if you instead take the train up to Eigergletscher and then walk down to Grindelwald. We had a good feeling for hiking in the morning so we started in Grindelwald. 

Starting/Finishing point: Grindelwald/Kleine Scheidegg  and Eigergletscher or the opposite if you walk down

Distance:  6 km

Length of time: 4-6 hours (2-4 hours if you walk down)

Ascent/Descent: +900 metres (-900 metres if you walk down)

Difficulty: Red (Blue if you walk down)

Water along the way: Yes

Shoes to choose: Trail running shoes or hiking boots

If you decide to start in Grindelwald you have a rather heavy ascent for a couple of hundred metres along a windling road passing by houses.

With the Eiger mountain above and in front of you all the way you and that is beautiful but also a bit scary. A large part of the trail is actually in the shadow of the steep north wall of the Eiger.

We did this hike in the end of June so there was still snow and we had to cross some streams..

At the end of the Eiger Trail there is another rather steep ascent before you reach a ridge and then it is not far before you arrive at Eigergletscher. From there we walked down to Kleine Scheidegg for lunch.

Filled with energy two of us decided to walk all the way down again, but this time along a small unpaved road, while the other two took the train. Just before we arrived in Grindelwald it started hailing and we had to run back home.

When talking about the hike in the evening, we decided that running from the hailing was the funniest thing on that day.

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