This is a truly beatiful hike and not as well known as the Reinebringen hike. From the summit you get a fantastic view of the little village Å i Lofoten and the other islands south of Lofoten.

Starting/Finishing point: Sörvågen

Distance: 2 km

Length of time: 1-2 hours

Ascent/Descent: +/- 490

Difficulty: Red

Water along the way: No
Shoes to choose: Hiking boots

How to get to Tindstinden?

Drive south passing Reine with its famous summit Reinebringen to Sörvågen, which is the little village just before you reach Å i Lofoten.

Sörvågen is the starting place for a lot of 1 and 2 day hikes and there is a quite a large parking by the road. That´s the starting point. You won´t miss it. 

The Tindstinden hike

Follow the small unpaved road starting from the parking. After a couple of hundred meters you pass by a small lake on your right hand side. Follow one of the several paths up the hill (all the paths end up at the same place).

After a short ascent you reach a stream. Cross the bridge on your left hand side and continue straight forward with the ocean on your left hand side. The trail then windles upwards along a canyon-like path. In the end of the hike you walk around the top and then reach a really nice viewpoint.

From there you can choose to hike a little further up if you are not afraid of heights.

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