Pehr Gynt hytta



Pehr Gynt hytta

Walking along Store Ula in Mysuster on the way to Pehr Gynt hytta

This is a lovely and easy hike starting in Mysuseter. The distance is quite long though, 16 kilometres which is quite a lot for most people. Arriving in Pehr Gynt hytte the "thing" is eating waffles and sit and relax in the grass outside the old wooden hut. It is a very peaceful place.

If you are into trailrunning, running along the trails to Pehr Gynt hytte is perfect.

Starting/Finishing point: Mysuseter

Distance: 16 kilometres

Length of time: 5-6 hours

Ascent/Descent: +/- 0 metres

Difficulty: Green/Blue

Water along the way: Yes

Shoes to choose: Trail running shoes or hiking boots

How to get to Pehr Gynt hytta?

Driving from Oslo, just before arriving in Otta, follow the signs turning right to Mysuseter. Follow the windling road upwards, passing by the little center of Mysuseter.

From Mysuseter you walk along an unpaved road for about 3 kilometres until you reach a parking. Just before the parking there is a small road to the right and you see a path by the river. If you follow the path for about half a kilometre upwards you will reach the waterfall on the photo above.

You then turn back to  the parking and walk cross the parking. Right after you reach at a crossing over the river. You then walk about one kilometre passing by birch trees and some summer houses.

From then you have about 3-4 kilometres until you reach the Pehr Gynt hytta. Have a waffle and rest your legs before you go back to Mysuseter the same way.

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