This is an absolutely stunning hike with amazing views of the Romsdalen valley with the windling river Rauma and the mountain summits of Trolltindene. It is one of the most amazing hikes we have done.

Most people take the bus in the morning from Åndalsnes to Venjedalen where the hike starts and then walk the ridge back to Åndalsnes. Another option is driving to Venjedalen, and returning there before going down to Åndalsnes. It is a longer hike but might be easier if you want to free camp in Venjedalen.


Option 1

Starting/Finishing point

Åndalsnes (bus oneway to Venjedalen)


11 km

Length of time

7-9 hours


+/-1 000




Available along the first part of the hike from Venjedalen

Shoes to choose

Hiking boots recommended


Option 2

Starting/Finishing point

Venjedalen (no bus transport)


16 km

Length of time

8-10 hours


+/-1 000




How get to the start of Romsdalseggen hike?

From Åndalsnes there are buses (30 minutes) in the morning at 8:30 and 9:30 a.m (250 NOK per person) to the start of the Romsdalseggen hike in Venjedalen. If you are a company of four people you might consider taking a taxi instead.

Romsdalseggen hike

The hike starts with a rather steep ascent from Venjedalen with plenty of water supply along the way. After an hour you reach the last water supply, very well signed. Another hour later you reach the first part of the ridge with beautiful views of the Romsdalen valley and the Romsdalsfjorden.

From there the hike is a bit more challenging with some tricky parts, especially if you are afraid of heights. Next stop is the top of Mjölvafjellet with more incredible views. From Mjölvafjellet you have a descent for a couple of hundred metres before you go up again following the Romsdalseggen.

"Next stop is the top of Mjölvafjellet

with more incredible views."

Approaching the end of the hike you find the Rampestreken, a view point right above Åndalsnes.

If you want to go back to Venjedalen (the longer hike), then you follow the signs to Venjedalen when you reach Nesakala right after passing the Romsdalseggen.

Really, really fear of heights?

If you want a shorter hike or is really afraid of heights an option is to hike from Åndalsnes up to Rampestreken and then back the same way. It is a steep hike up and down that will take a few hours.

Freecamping in Venjedalen or Litlefjell

This is a lovely way to start your Romsdalseggen hike. Instead of spending time at a hotel or a camping you freecamp by the lake Venjedalen or at Litlefjell. Check out how to do that here.

Right of public access in Sweden and Norway

In Sweden and Norway you have the right to walk, cycle, ride, ski and camp on any land with the exception of private gardens, near a dwelling house or land under cultivation. It is called thFreedom to Roam.

This freedom to roam means that you are allowed to freecamp for the maximum of two nights. If you are unsure of how close to camp a residence - ask the landowner before! 


Of course you shall bring all your rubbish with you (including toilet paper). 

Read more about the right of public access in Sweden here.

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