Aurland Valley



Aurland Valley

The Aurlandsdalen is the Grand Canyon of Norway and this hike passes abandoned farms, lakes, crosses streams and waterfalls. 

Starting point: Österbö

Finishing point: Vassbygdi

Distance: 19 km

Length of time: 6-8 hours

Ascent/Descent: +800/-1 500

Difficulty: Red

Water along the way: Yes

Shoes to choose: Hiking boots

How to get to Aurland valley?

Drive 30 minutes from Flåm to Vassbygdi and then take the bus 30 minutes to Österbrö where the hike starts. You can also go by bus all the way from Flåm to Österbrö. From the finishing point in Vassbygdi you again catch the bus back to Flåm.

The first part of the hike is easy following the river and there are a couple of stream crossings.

After a while the canyon walls grow closer and you eventually leave the river and hike upwards. Here you can choose to hike the difficult Bjonnstigen higher up or you can follow the lower trail along the river.

After passing by several farms you finally reach Vassbygdi where there also is a restaurant.

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